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March means Supper Club and Cooking Classes

I am back from a ten day trip to Barcelona and man, am I fired up! I just spent 10 days eating and drinking and exploring, I lugged home three sizes of paella pans, cazuelas, spices, dried peppers, black sea salt and a brain overloaded with ideas. 

Keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming posts about my trip, about what we ate, what we saw and where we went, but, for now, here is what is happening in the upcoming month:

For our March Supper Club, I am going to do a bit of a Mexican/Greek mash up. There will be tasty cocktails, great food and great dining companions, as always, so go reserve your seat now
Get your tickets for our March 18 Supper Club Opaaa!

Upcoming Cooking Classes for March

For the cheap and cheerful crowd, I have two What's For Dinner Classes at the Musgrave Loblaws in March. You pay $15 and get a $15 dollar gift card for your trouble.

March 8
March 22

Also, my next series of Instant Pot classes this month will be taking place at The Depanneur. Workshops are $60 each and start at 6:30pm 

 March 25 will be another Intro to Instant Pot Class
If that sells out, as they often do, I will be repeating the class on March 26

On March 27 I will be teaching an Instant Pot Pasta hands on workshop
This class is a new one for those of you who have taken the intro class OR are getting comfortable with your wizard pot and want to start branching out from beans, soup and hard boiled eggs


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