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Adventures in Pressure Cooking Pasta - Pennette w Rapini and Sun Dried Tomatoes

One of the most surprising things I have discovered since getting an Instant Pot is how well it does pasta. Because you cook the pasta right in the pot with the sauce, you are not wasting litres of water, it cooks in half the time and the flavours are much more infused and intense, which means I can get away with less and I always like to get away with less when I can. 

Go Home Charros, You're Drunk!

I love me some Mexican style, soupy beans but I can never decide between Charros (named after the Mexican cowboys of Norther Mexico) and Frijoles Borrachos (literally translates to drunken beans), which are almost the same thing except for the addition of beer. Both versions are also wildly popular in Texas and New Mexico and because I can't choose which dish I like better I just mashed both recipes together to come up with this.

Smoky Mac and Cheese in the Instant Pot

Last week I attended The Grate Canadian Cheese Cook Off - Mac and Cheese edition, hosted by the Dairy Farmers of Canada. We got to watch as four Canadian chefs went head to head in an attempt to woo the judges with their unique, elevated interpretations of this classic comfort food.

Instant Pot Rotisserie Chicken Sopa de Lima

If you tell me that you throw out the carcass after you eat a rotisserie chicken, I am going to have to find you and hurt you. Grocery store rotisserie chickens are not only a life saver on a busy weeknight but they make amazing chicken stock. The chickens are all highly seasoned, nice and salty and full of flavour - I think of them as the gift that keeps on giving. Roast chicken one night, quesadillas the next and soup on night three.

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