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My Rome Notebook: Three Days of Eating In Rome or Everything I Put In My Mouth Was Delicious

Artichokes presented like bouquets of beautiful flowers were everywhere, including IN my belly

I know I might be making enemies when I say that the restaurant food in Paris was, on the whole, often underwhelming, but I also know I am not alone in that opinion. Although we did enjoy a few great meals, the fact that my restaurant list from our three day side trip to Rome is longer than the list I shared after 7 days in Paris is telling. Where, in Paris, I felt we had to work to find a great meal and really travel to specific restaurants, in Rome we would have had to work to find bad food.

Asian Shrimp Ceviche with Spicy Ponzu Sauce

this version was topped with a bit of red onion and more sesame seeds 

It is no secret that we love ceviche around here but I only have a couple of actual recipes on the blog because, for the most part, I make straight up, Mexican style ceviche and the only thing that usually changes is the type of seafood I use. I always use raw fish, scallops or shrimp and let it "cook" in lime juice and although none of us have any issues about eating seafood prepared this way, many people still view it as raw and don't want to try it.

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