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The Week in Yum, Baron Samedi and World Vision #HungerFree

I had a bit of an odd week, media event wise. I attended two very different events at the same venue a few days apart from each other.


I am always interested in organizations that are working towards food security, ending hunger and making healthy, tasty food available to everyone so I looked forward to attending this one. The gathering at Berkeley Field House (attached to the Berkeley Church), here in Toronto, was to celebrate with World Vision, who teamed up with Dennis Prescott to share his experience working with them in Kenya. World Vision is inviting Canadians to celebrate food with them and help support food projects for a #HungerFree world and this dinner was the official launch party. The setting was lovely with long tables covered with flowers and persimmons at every setting where everyone shared in a three course meal prepared by Prescott.

To learn more about World Vision Canada, #HungerFree and find ways to get involved, click here


Later in the week, I returned to Berkeley Church for something completely different.

This time it was to celebrate the launch of Baron Samedi Spiced Rum. It was all skulls, purple lights and copious rum drinks with an appearance by the man himself, Baron Samedi.

Okay, he isn't actually a man because according to Haitian lore, Baron Samedi is a Voodoo loa who is Master of the Dead and a Giver of Life. Popularized in the Bond classic, Live and Let Die, he has also made appearances in the TV shows Supernatural, Heroes and Grimm among others. THIS Baron Samedi is the face of a brand new Spiced Rum that is finally available here in Canada.

Although I did try one of the two featured cocktails at the party, I preferred to sip my rum alone, on ice. It's more lightly spiced than some other popular brands and I liked that - most spiced rums are great for baking and nice in a rum and eggnog but this is the first one that I would considered drinking straight up. At $30 for a 750ml bottle, it won't break the bank either.

Best Loot Bag EVER. Full sized bottle of rum with themed treats 
The Berkley Church was transformed into a Voodoo gathering f

the airbrush "tattoo" parlour had line ups from the minute we got there 

It's Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and, here in Toronto, the weather is beautiful, the sun will be out and I hope that there is a turkey in every oven and a table full of friends and family to celebrate with at all of your homes. Happy Thanksgiving!

Mairlyn Smith Hosts the I Heart Farmers Retreat with A Real, Live Canadian Canola Farmer

Photo: Jeffrey Chan courtesy of Eat Well Canola
*all activities and food were by Branding and Buzzing for this sponsored post, but, as always, all opinions expressed are my own

To celebrate I Heart Farmers, the fine people of Canola Eat Well invited a small group of city kids to join them for a day in the country for some apple picking, flower arranging and picnicking on delicious, heart healthy foods, all prepared for us using Canadian canola oil by cookbook author, nutritionist and living Canadian legend, Mairlyn Smith

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