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Pressure Cooking Makes Single Serving Creme Brulee A Thing

Sometimes I don't want to make six servings of creme brulee because, frankly, I don't want to find myself eating the three leftover ramekins the next day when I am home alone and they are in the fridge, singing their siren song. I have often dreamt of being able to make just one or two perfect little creme brulees so that the kid could could have one after dinner and then another for breakfast because all children benefit from a breakfast of leftover pie, cake or custard from time to time.

Creme Brulee with Ganache

A while back I was given a few bars of Green and Black's Maya Gold organic dark chocolate to use in my Mexican Compost Bars  and I was left with just a little bit of chocolate at the end of it all. It sat in my cupboard, sad and lonely with the knowledge that it was destined for bigger things than being shoved down my throat at 1am in the throes of a late night sugar attack. That is what Trader Joe's Spekulas Cookie Butter and a tea spoon is for.

When Anova Met Instant Pot - A Love Story

Never mind when Harry Met Sally. Whatever. Tonight, my new Anova met Instant Pot and it was glorious. Although I just got a new Anova Precision Cooker Wifi , I have had an Anova sous vide for over a year now and I love it but this one is even cooler.

How Pressure Cooker Key Lime Pie will Change Your LIfe

Cardamom Dulce De Leche In The Pressure Cooker? YES

Okay, this is a quick and dirty recipe. 

Dulce de leche is made throughout South America by boiling a can of condensed milk in a pot, fully immersed in water and hoping that it doesn't explode. You can also submerge the can in your pressure cooker too but why? It takes an extra 60 seconds to open the can, scrape the condensed milk out into a nice, glass canning jar and do it without worrying about that nasty tin lining and without the fear of a sugar explosion.

This is not a recipe as much as it is a method. Feel free to leave out the cardamom or  add something else like ginger

Pressure Cooker Cardamom Dulce De Leche

Easy, peasy.

1. Put a trivet in the bottom of your pressure cooker.
2. Open the jar of condensed milk.
3. Pour the contents of the can in to a glass, canning jar (I use a small jar since 1 can is only 300ml)
4. Add 2 to 4 cardamom pods, lightly crushed
5. Put the flat lid and the ring on the jar and finger tighten
6. Put the jar on the trivet and fill the pot with water until it comes halfway up the jar.
7. Lock the lid and make sure the steam is turned to seal
8. Program manual for 30 minutes
9. When the time is up, remove the jar, take off the lid, use a spoon to stir the caramel vigorously (it  
     is often a bit lumpy straight out of the water bath and it will thicken up upon cooling), fish out the      cardamom, let cool completely and store, covered in the fridge.

*you can process as many jars as you can fit on a trivet but remember, this stuff is very sweet and a little goes a long way so unless you are giving it away, I wouldn't do more than 1 jar at a time.

Pressure Cooker Lobster Mac and Cheese and A Giveaway!

When a company contacts me and asks me if I would like some cheese to play with, I am certainly not going to say no. Do I look crazy to you? Only a crazy person turns down free cheese.

Pressure Cooker Thai Red Curry Lentil Soup To The Rescue

I think I might start a series called "Instant Pot Diaries" where I can share my experiments and fails and not just the successes because otherwise I think it makes it seem like everything I make works like clockwork the first try. This couldn't be farther from the truth, to be honest. Some things come out perfectly the 1st, 2nd and 3rd times and other things require a bit more tinkering. From now on, when I am offering tips, lessons learned, failures and other times where I fall flat on my face, I will tag it "instant pot diaries" so you can have all of my shame in one convenient place.

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