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A Pop Up and a Pressure Cooker Workshop Walked Into A Bar.........

As I edit my Paris/Rome photos like a maniac and get ready to start sharing my trip with you, I thought I would just let everybody know that I have two fun things to share for my Toronto peeps:

Next week, on Thursday April 6, I will be cooking up a storm at The Kingston Social but this time, it will be my menu only that night!

There will be plenty of goodness for meat eats and vegetarians alike and full bar service so make sure to stop by, grab a bite and say hi

On Monday April 10, I will be holding my latest Instant Pot workshop at the Deppaneur and you can book a spot, online, here

For this class I will show you how to make a tasty Potato Leek Soup, Mushroom Risotto, Spicy White Bean on polenta and what is probably the most popular Instant Pot (any brand of electric pressure cooker is welcome so don't let not owning an actual Instant Pot stop you from coming), the cheesecake.

Also, hold June 15 for my next Loblaws class - Healthier Mexican 

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