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Join My Learn To Pressure Cook Series Happening in Toronto This February!

It's a brand new year and that means it's time to get that electric pressure cooker out of the box, dust it off, put on your big girl panties and start pressure cooking.

Oh I know, I know, you are kind of scared of it. Maybe your mom or your grandmother has put the fear of God into you because they remember seeing a stove top pressure cooker explode, sending hot tomato sauce all over the cupboards and ceiling or even blowing a hole through the kitchen wall.

Those days are pretty much gone as stove top pressure cookers have become so much safer and now, with the advent of electric "multi cookers" - pressure cookers that do extra duty as slow cookers, rice cookers, yogurt makers and, if we are to believe some of the companies, dog walkers - pressure cooking has never been safer, more convenient or more sensible than it is at this time.

Over the course of four Mondays, we will go through the basics and I will show you how to make magic with your wizard pot. The classes will take place at The Kingston Social House, where I also happen to be the Executive Cooker Lady. If you haven't stopped by yet, don't miss our Hygge Thursdays. If you can't make it on Thursday, we are also opened Friday and Saturday evenings - Saturday we have live music too!

it will change your bean game forever

On the first week, we will cover the basics, I will show you how to cook dried beans, with and without soaking, a quick stock and basic food prep.

soups, stews and braises
Week two, we tackle Soups, Stews and Braises, the things that pressure cookers were made to cook efficiently. On the third week, I will start to show you the show stoppers that you would not expect to make in this method starting with Pasta, Rice and Grains. Finally, on the final week, I will blow your mind by showing you how to whip up cheesecake (the Instant Pot holy grail), creme brûlée and some rice pudding.


You can sign up for all four classes for $170 or for individual classes at $50 a class. Come hungry because we will be eating everything I make and, for those that enjoy a glass of wine with their cooking class experience, you can purchase beverages as well.

If you want to reserve a spot, email me at The Yum Yum Factor with your name and email address and I will send you a link to sign up and prepay for your classes as soon as that goes live.

* I will be using both the Instant Pot as well as the Breville Go Slow Pro but if you have a different brand, it doesn't matter as all of them are pretty much the same and I will help you adapt the recipes to your particular brand.

all of my pressure cooker recipes in one place

*all links to amazon are affiliate links and I do receive a few pennies for any purchases using those links

In case you live under a rock and don't already own one of these wizard pots:

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