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It's Time for Taste of Toronto 2016

From June 23-26, at Fort York, Taste of Toronto is coming to the city for the third year in a row. Bigger and better than ever this year, there are more chefs, more restaurants represented and that means, more tasty things for you to eat and drink.

Taste Festivals started 13 years ago in England and has grown into an important, International event that is now held in 19 cities around the world but Toronto is the only North American city in the line up so this is your one chance to get in on the action. It's basically a food lover's nirvana where you can wander to your heart's content, eating and drinking and sampling the best that the city has to offer. A word of advice - come with friends because it's more fun to share a few bites of lots of stuff than to find out that you are full before you have had a chance to work your way through your wish list.

It's also a great opportunity to try small bites from some of the cities most popular restaurants, many of them almost impossible to get into unless you happen to regularly dine out with Drake, A Raptor or David Chang, so take advantage of the situation while you can.

Taste of Toronto 2015

Last year, I went on the Friday afternoon and it was perfect - not a big crowd, little or no line ups for food and drink and I could really wander around and take it all in. I am not normally a fan of big food festivals because I really like being able to bend my arms when I am eating and at most of them, I can barely move - it's not easy being a small person at a crowded event people. Finding yourself at armpit level on a hot summer day does not get the old appetite primed, if you feel me. If you are fine with crowds, tall and feed on that energy, by all means, go on Saturday but, if like me, you would prefer a bit of breathing space, try to go on Friday afternoon before the throngs descend.

This year will bring Chef Chuck Hughes, the almost impossibly adorable Quebec superstar who will join the opening night festivities, hosting a live demo as well as teaching an Interactive Master Class. Some other Toronto movers and shakers who will be representing the SIX:

Fat Pascha
Little Sister
The Bar at Alo
Antler (another RIDONKULOUSLY handsome chef)
Kanpai Snack Bar

There are live demos, workshops and roundtables, a tasting room for the winos and the Toronto Life Chef's Table for the stalkers who want to rub shoulders with their favourite chef and get a chance to ask him/her some questions, up close and personally.

Tickets are currently on sale here but Thursday night is already sold out so you might want to get on that ASAP. Prices start at $19 (under 12 free and between 12 and 17 are $10) and go up, depending on how much of a high roller experience you are looking for.

Tostada de Pulpo, my favourite dish from 2015 by Los Colibris

Go refresh your memory with my post about last year's event here

Oh, and before you go, refer to this menu card, study the map of the site and plan your route

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