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The Week in Yum - My May Supper Club, Distillery Root Beer and an Evening Out at the Intercon

I feel like I am back in the saddle again with two media events in one week under my belt. After a bit of a break from eating and drinking all the damned time, I am back to eating and drinking all the damned time, which isn't the worst thing in the world. This week, the discovery of the summer was, without a doubt, Mill St Brewery's Distiller Root Beer. You heard me people, BOOZED UP ROOT BEER and it is really, really good. It's not too sweet and none of us could detect a trace of alcohol taste which is either a really good thing or a really bad thing. It was suggested that a scoop of ice cream would make for an amazing grown ass adult root beer float. I will be reporting back on that as soon as I can get my hands on a six pack to bring home (I was told that the LCBO will be stocking this sugary ambrosia by the May 24 weekend).

If you haven't been to the Mill St Brew Hall in the Distillery District, now is the time to change that. They have great beer, yummy pub grub and one of the best patios in the Distillery. While we were there testing the root beer, we were served a bunch of menu items that pair well with it. Savoury pizzas, crispy fries with a spicy aioli and a sausage coil served with a buttery pretzel bun were the perfect foil for the wobbly pop but I found the duck wings were sweet enough on their own - they were tastier with my TankHouse but it was the only dish that I, personally, wouldn't pair up with a root beer.

I can't believe we are seriously discussing "root beer pairings".

Oh, if you have kids, put this stuff under lock and key. Just saying.

This is my new anthem for the summer (not work, children or grandmother safe, btw) :

Earlier in the week I was invited to mosey on down to the Intercon on Front Street to check out their newly revamped ballroom and event space. We were wined and dined, treated to an actual dessert room with tables crammed with candy and sweet confections as well as any oyster bar and a sampling of hot items from the catering kitchen.

media and bloggers are like toddlers, always expecting a loot bag at the end of the party and the Interon didn't let us down. Everyone got this cute little blue tooth speaker so that we can blast Lemonade out in the garden!

The best part of the event, for Robyn (of Planet Byn) and I was the photo booth, housed in a converted little camper van. If I thought we wouldn't have been kicked out of the hotel, I think we would have spent the entire evening in there. The photo booth shenanigans occurred before we even saw the bar and by the time we were escorted away from it, there was already a line up.

Oh yeah, tickets to my May Supper Club at the Kingston Social are up! 
purchase tickets here

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