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Pressure Cooking Makes Single Serving Creme Brulee A Thing

Sometimes I don't want to make six servings of creme brulee because, frankly, I don't want to find myself eating the three leftover ramekins the next day when I am home alone and they are in the fridge, singing their siren song. I have often dreamt of being able to make just one or two perfect little creme brulees so that the kid could could have one after dinner and then another for breakfast because all children benefit from a breakfast of leftover pie, cake or custard from time to time.

There is no way I was going to preheat the oven, get a water bath together and go through all those hoops just to make one little ramekin but that was before my Instant Pot. With a pressure cooker, making one serving suddenly became not only possible but necessary!

The Kid and I did a day of taste testing until we decided that this version is the one we liked the best. Two eggs made it too rich and dense, if that is at all possible and we both agreed that this version resulted in a perfectly creamy, custardy little pot of goodness. I also discovered that scalding the cream made so little difference, it doesn't make sense to take that extra step so it's even easier than it seems. Just whisk the sugar and egg yolk together before whipping in the cream and vanilla and pour in into the ramekin. DONE.

Creme brulee used to be a special occasion indulgence that I could only make when I had lots of time during the day - think more birthday cake than a bowl of ice cream. Now, I can take that one lonely, single egg left from the carton and surprise him with his very own dessert any day of the week and you can too.

Single Serving Creme Brulee

1 large egg yolk
2 tbls sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla
1/3 cup heavy cream

beat 1 tbls of the sugar and egg yolk together with a small whisk until the yolk is pale yellow. Whisk in the cream and vanilla and pour into a 4 oz ramekin.

Put 1 cup of water in the pot and set the ramekin on the trivet. Cook at HP for 9 minutes and let it NPR for 6 minutes before releasing the steam and removing the lid. Take the ramekin out and let it cool on the counter til room temp and then chill it in the fridge for at least 4 hours or overnight.

When it's time to eat, take the creme brulee out of the fridge, put the second tbls of sugar on the surface of the custard and get out your blow torch. Torch the sugar until it bubbles and browns and turns into a hard, caramel crust. Let it cool a bit and then dig in.

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