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Journey to the Perfect Pressure Cooker Poached Egg

Okay, it's egg time. Well, it's always egg time around here since The Kid eats them almost every morning for breakfast, let's be honest. I love a good poached egg but what I don't love is a watery egg with wiggly whites sitting in a watery bowl. Blech.

I have had great success with sous vide using my Anova to make onsen tomago , or eggs poached in the shell and when I am making ramen or bibimbap, this is my go to method but it's a bit fussy for 7:30am on a Tuesday morning before I have had my coffee, so that is where my Instant Pot comes in.

The first time I tried them, they were perfect. I put them in a little steel mixing bowl, set it on the trivet with a cup of water and cooked them for 2 minutes at low pressure on steam and did a quick release. Lovely.

This week, I picked up some silicone egg baskets and thought that these would be my new egg poaching dishes, cracked a couple of eggs into baskets and followed the formula that has been working for me so far.


After 2 minutes on low pressure, they were barely cooked. I forced the lid back on, cooked them for another 2 minutes on low pressure and they still looked undercooked so I let them sit for 1 minute on warm. Nope. Jammed the lid back on and steamed them for one last minute. Now they were over cooked. The yolks were not runny but at least they were still creamy - not terrible but not how I like them.

Could it be cooking in steel, which also heats up in the pressure cooker VS silicone which does not?
Tried it again immediately using my handy, dandy steel bowl and Eureka! Perfect eggs again in 2 minutes at low pressure with a quick release.

The moral of the story is:

When cooking things PIP (pot in pot), steaming etc where the food will be in another vessel placed inside the pot, you will have to take the material of that vessel into consideration.

So, the final formulas are:

In silicone:
5 minutes on low pressure with quick release on steam

In stainless:
2 minutes on low pressure with quick release.

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