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The Week in Yum July 10-16 A Whole Lot of Netflix Going On

Shack said I look like a Ninja Chef

Since I have spent almost the entire week closeted inside my house, fighting off some nasty lung infection, I have nothing to share, in terms of where I went or what I ate so I will share some of the cool stuff I have seen on the internet. Being sick means lots and lots of time on the internet.

It also means a ton of Netflix so I worked my way through the Danish series, Rita which is a crash course on how much more socially advanced the Danish are when it comes to sex, drugs, education and every other issue that North Americans think are too scandalous to discuss with kids. It's clearly a show that a family would watch in the evening - think My So Called Life but with nudity, swearing, pot smoking, rampant drinking, gay teens making out, abortion and chain smoking. Actually, the only backlash this show received in Denmark was about the lead characters constant chain smoking, always right outside the school doors as she greets smiling blond children on their way in and out of the school. If you like that, there is a short, spin off season called Hjordis  with a different teacher taking the lead that deals beautifully with bullying and a boy in grade one who wants to be a girl.
BAM, try that on NBC during prime time.

I did manage to get myself together enough to cook at a Dietician's Class at Loblaws on Thursday night (thank God for antibiotics) and I actually learned a few tricks myself. Maxine Silberg is a lovely young woman who is a Loblaws dietician and she was a wealth of knowledge on the topic of seeds. I certainly cook with lots of pumpkin and sesame seeds and I love quinoa but that was about the extent of my seed repertoire. The chef doesn't cook their own recipes at these classes so it's all stuff I haven't tasted before and I will admit, I was leery about using chia seeds as a binder for meatloaf in place of egg and breadcrumbs, but it works beautifully! For people with egg allergies or gluten issues, this a wonderful solution for meatloaf, meatballs etc. I am going to experiment with it and report back with a recipe.

You can teach an old dog new tricks.
Also, did you know you can book an appointment with the store dietician and it's free? You can do a walk through of the store or a sit down to talk about specific health/food concerns. Did I mention that it's free?

I did manage to publish three posts that I had written this week:

My thoughts on how the food scene is playing a huge role in bringing that city back to life

as well, I also posted my restaurant review roundup from my trip to Detroit

I also managed to get around the sharing my first two recipes using my Yonanas, which I love

Okay, enough about me.

My kitchen assistant and I made salted butter-dipped radishes for a dear friend's "French-y" birthday picnic today. // I...
Posted by Not Without Salt on Saturday, July 11, 2015

This video from Amy Shumer won the internet this week. Okay, she almost always wins the internet. 

Awkward First Date Gets Live Tweeted and It's Glorious

I have saved the best for last. This is why I will always adore my hometown.

For those of you who are not from Toronto, this happened this past week and is precisely why I adore my hometown
Posted by The Yum Yum Factor on Thursday, July 16, 2015

Another wonderful Toronto Artist and his fabulous Instagram feed

I am not exactly sure how this travel story app works, but I think it's really cool


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