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Cinco de Mayo Roundup - Ten Mexican Dishes to Celebrate With

It is May 5th so that means it's also the day to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with a Mexican dinner. Okay, just because we are not of Mexican heritage doesn't mean we can't welcome a good excuse for tacos, ceviche and guacamole, right? Not being Irish certainly doesn't stop anyone from drinking green beer and eat boiled cabbage.

This year, instead of busting out an Old El Paso kit, why not make something a little different? 

I give you ten delicious Mexican (or Mexican influenced) dishes that you still have time to whip up by tonight and thrill your family with:

Mexican Style Ceviche

Chili with Chorizo

Pork Tacos with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce and Scallion Radish Pickle

Chili Verde

Roasted Cauliflower Jalapeno Soup

Calamari Tacos with MVP Sauce

Pork Carnitas

Pozole Verde

Scallibut Ceviche

Sopa de Lima

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