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The Week In Yum March 27- April 3 La Cubana, Patois and The Dirty Bird Chicken and Waffles

my beloved Habanero Squid at La Cubana on Roncesvalles

It's Good Friday so I am going to make this brief. I had a few great meals this week so I will share that with you and maybe give you some ideas about where you can go and get a great snack over the long weekend.


all that food was for the two of us. I know, we are kind of disgusting 

Last Sunday was my birthday so The Kid took me to Patois for brunch. Chef Craig Wong created a ridonkulous 5 Spice Porchetta Sandwich that was full of rapini with a thick smear of garlic sauce in my honour (or so he says... who can really trust a trust a chef?) so, of course, I ordered that, The Kid had Jerk Smoked Salmon that came with impossibly creamy scrambled eggs and we shared a side of scallion potatoes that we actually fought over. Halfway through brunch, Craig brought me out a giant plate of chilaquiles, the other brunch special, and because it was MY DAY, I polished off half of that plate and brought my sandwich home for Shack.
If you are looking for a place for brunch and you want something a little bit different, this is your place. Trust me.

794 Dundas West
closed Monday
Tuesday to Saturday 5-11pm
Sunday Brunch 11am-5pm

The Dirty Bird Chicken and Waffles

I can't decide whether I liked the wings better than the boneless thigh/leg
On Tuesday, my partner in crime, Libby Roach, took me out to The Dirty Bird in Kensington Market for a lunch of Fried Chicken and Waffles. Because we are girls who like to eat, we never get the same thing. Libby ordered the ODB - a deep fried boneless thigh and leg on a waffle with butter maple dirty sauce and one side for $15 and I got The Clucker - Wings, Waffle and Buttered Maple for $12 (I got them dry with a side of honey garlic to dip in)
sides of slaw and tato salad were underwhelming

Both of those meals were delicious with perfectly fried chicken - moist on the inside, crispy on the outside. My dry wings were really, really good and there was no need for any sauce at all and although the waffle is a really nice waffle, I find that gimmick to be kind of fun for a few bites but I am just there for the bird.

Neither side dish did much for either of us and although the Dirty Fries - Fries, Dirty Seasoning, Cheddar, Dirty Aioli, Fried Onion and Chives were great at first, we both agreed that after those original bites, the whole thing became too sweet and we didn't even come close to finishing those between us.

Go for the chicken- I took the leftovers home and sent it for lunch for The Kid and it was just as good the next day.

Dirty Bird on Urbanspoon

The week ended with a rare day off for Shack so we hopped in the hot rod, put the top down, turned up the heat on our feet and went for a spin, ending up back at Patois, so Shack could do a little handyman action and I could interview Craig about using the Sansaire Sous Vide cooker I scored for him. Of course, if we were going to talk sous vide, he had to make me an afternoon cocktail which means having to crack into a coconut for me.

Go Read My Post About Craig and His Thoughts on The Sansaire So Far

La Cubana

Craig had to get back to work so Shack and I drove to Roncesvalles so we could have something to eat at La Cubana,  and by something to eat, I mean have some of their Habanero Glazed Fried Squid and a Guava BBQ Short Rib Medianoche for Shack. Because I was extra hungry and a bit drunk from my afternoon coconut boozey drink, I also had the side order of the Guava BBQ Short Rib for myself.

That's pretty much it for the week and, really, it's more than enough, don't you think?
I am now officially taking the weekend off and am going to go hang out with my men and I suggest you all go do the same. Well, don't come hang out with MY men because I am going to do that. Find your own people to spend time with this long weekend. Celebrate any holidays you may be celebrating, eat lots of delicious food, enjoy what is supposed to be something that will approximate Spring weather and I'll see you again next week.

La Cubana
392 Roncesvalles
11am to late
brunch Sat and Sun 10am to 3pm

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