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The Week in Yum Feb 20-26 - Recipe for a Change, Bosk, Bam and i Yellow Wine Club

Last night was Food Share's 6th annual Recipe for Change at the St Lawrence Market and boy, was it a great night. 30 local chefs, a couple of breweries, some wine, amazing silent auctions and the chance to eat your face off for the greater good. Someone tweeted something like "eat the change that you want to be" in regards to this event, which made me jealous because I didn't think of it first. I will write about the event and about all of the amazing things that Food Share does for the city, as well as telling you all of the ways that you can still contribute, either with your time or your money or both.

Lemon Almond Dacquoise: lemon curd, almond cake, crispy meringue vanilla cassis ice cream

Last week, we joined a big group of Shack's colleagues on Friday night for dinner at Bosk, the fine dining restaurant in The Shangri-la Hotel. I work out of the Shangri-la all of the time and absolutely love their room service lunch and I have eaten at Momofuku but this was my first visit to Bosk. It felt so weird to have a cocktail there - almost like I was drinking on the job or something. Luckily, I soon got over that and we had a lovely dinner. We both had the smoked lentil soup from the $75 prixe fix menu - delicious, full of smoky ham flavour. I had the salmon as my main and Shack, who is a red meat kind of guy, was originally a bit disappointed to see that there was none to be found on this menu so he ordered the chicken. The boneless, skinless chicken came and it looked bland and beige and his face fell until he took his first bite. It would appear to be cooked by sous vide, my current obsession, and it was so tender you could cut it with a fork. Everyone who ordered it had the same reaction. Once they dug in, it was delicious but everyone agreed that it looked absolutely unappetizing. hmmm

I don't know how it happened but we had both ordered the panna cotta for dessert and we were both served the other dessert on the menu. Because it looked so much nicer than our neighbour's panna cotta, we kept our mouths shut and ate it quickly before someone could come and take it away. I suppose I felt a little guilty that two other people got the wrong dessert but not so guilty that I would have exchanged it. All in all, it was a pretty nice dinner for a hotel restaurant and because it's the Shangri-la, the service was impeccable and we retired to the lobby lounge afterward for coffee by the fire while some dude played guitar and sang. Even if you don't want to go for dinner, make a point to pop into the lobby lounge on a Friday or Saturday night - it's hopping and there is some damned fine people watching to boot.

We finally tried a newish Beach restaurant called Bam! Breakfast Bistro The emphatic punctuation is not mine, by the way. You might think that exclamation mark is overkill but if you had enjoyed that Belgian Waffle with Banana and Nutella down there, you might change your mind. 

I ordered a simple breakfast of three poached eggs with rye toast and amazingly tasty home fries and Shack had Eggs Benedict. Eggs were perfectly poached, the home fries were delicious, service was friendly and attentive and prices are great. We have been back a number of times now and the service and the food has been consistently good and , really, that is all you really want in a great breakfast place, right? All day breakfasts, daily specials, good, straight ahead food, cooked and served with care.
We will be back.

Bam! Breakfast and Bistro on Urbanspoon

I had a hot date with one of my favourite blogging buddies, Libby Roach this week. She took me to check out the i Yellow Wine Club to celebrate Shiraz Week , hosted by Angie Aiello. This is a really cool group of wine lovers who get together to do wine tastings, take classes and go on wine tasting excursions. You have to become a member but then you can enjoy all that the club has to offer. When Libby dragged me down a back alley, I was afraid she was going to mug me and leave me for dead, but, instead we gained entry to the cosiest little basement space I have seen in a long time, where lots of friendly folks were tasting shiraz, chatting, noshing on cheese and NOT planning to knock me over the head with a bottle of 2010 Small Gully's The Formula (my favourite Shiraz of the evening, by the way). It's free to become a member online, so hurry up and do that already.

After knocking back a bunch of little shots of shiraz, we strolled on over to Pai for a Thai feast where I ate twice the amount of food I actually needed to eat because everything was so good that I lost all self control. For once, I am actually thankful that I don't live closer to this wonderful restaurant.

"While I admire your passion for all things cooking... this looks like placenta mixed with strawberry jelly, ladled with a plop of diarrhea, raw chunk of fish, sprinkled gingerly with rabbit poop."

That was my favourite comment from someone online regarding my seared scallop up there ROFL
Because I can not tolerate the extreme cold at the moment, I spent the entire week (except for my evening outings) at home, in my pjs, sous viding everything that is not nailed down. Stay tuned for my Sous Vide Miso Meatballs, coming up very soon. It's all sous vide, all the time around here. Today, I start sharing my sous vide journey with you, starting here with my quick primer on the whole process. In the coming weeks and months, I will be sharing all of my experiments as I also try to develop recipes that work with this amazing new cooking method.

I have some fun new things coming up that I can share with you soon too, including my upcoming Dinner and a Book Club on April 1st at the Musgrave Loblaws. I cook dinner that ties into the theme, you read the book (Light Between the Oceans by M.L. Stedman), have a glass of wine, eat and discuss.

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The coolest thing I found on the interet this wee: Everything you wanted to know about cooking in one place - they offer video classes, some free and some for $$ - Love it

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