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Think Out Of The Box With These Ten SuperBowl Sunday Snacks

Okay, I will be straight with you. I don't give a rat's ass about football and I have no interest in eating three quarters of the traditional SuperBowl food that I see all all over the internet and on television. If you want to eat 30 layer bean dip and giant casseroles of melted Velveeta you probably won't want to hear my ideas about what I think makes a great game day spread and I am okay with that. I won't take it personally when you tell me I am nuts to recommend middle eastern inspired crashed potatoes instead of nachos covered in queso if you promise to not take it personally when I refuse to taste your delicious dip made with a package of dried onion soup, uncooked ramen noodles and nutella mixed and sour cream.


So, just because I don't care about football doesn't mean I don't care about a good party with great food, drinks and friends and with that in mind, I always accept an invitation to watch the game and, more importantly, eat with people I enjoy hanging out with. I always bet on the team with the nicest outfits and I almost always win money with that method so take that under advisement this Sunday when you are getting your wallet out.

So, without further ado, here are some ideas for a Super Bowl party spread that is delicious, maybe a bit healthier and totally delicious.

The King's Crashed Potatoes are tasty on their own or you could serve them with a bit of tzatziki to dip them into. I served them as part of a buffet dinner on Xmas Eve and they were the first item to disappear

Jamaican Patty Pops using frozen puff pastry in place of the traditional but labour intensive patty pastry are easy to make and absolutely crazy good. Skip putting them on a stick and just make them small enough that they can easily be eaten out of hand and you are good to go.

Pasteis de Bacalhau are a bit unexpected and take a bit of planning and prep work but these crispy cod fritters are perfect. They can be cooked ahead of time and served at room temperature, like they are in Portugal.

Cauliflower "Wings" with Spicy Korean, Honey Garlic and Buffalo sauces are a great alternative to chicken wings so your vegetarian friends can hop on the wing train.

Oven Fried Korean Drumsticks  (easily adapted if you want to use chicken wings) are just as tasty as deep fried wings but are a much healthier alternative AND you won't burn your house down right before your guests arrive, which is always a bonus

serve them with this lightened up blue cheese dip because a lighter dip means you can eat twice as much and who doesn't want to be able to do that?

Sticky Asian Meatballs because everybody loves food on a stick

my MVP Caesar puts a fun spin on a classic cocktail by using Peruvian booze called Pisco instead of vodka, some Peruvian hot sauce and pickle juice. It might require a trip to your closest Latin American store but it's worth the trek ( spring for the Walter's too if you can find it)

Watermelon Rosemary Gin Pops if you really want to make a splash. This is usually a summery treat but I think they would be fun for a SuperBowl party.

Lastly, every party spread needs at least one sweet thing and this is the perfect sweet treat that is still manly enough for the guys who probably don't want to enjoy a tray of macarons in the tones of their favourite teams uniforms.  Compost Cookies are a nice, grown up sweet that are irresistible and a great way to use up those little dregs left in your chip/tortilla/pretzle/salty snack bags

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