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The Week in Yum Jan 3-9 Laying Low In Pjs

midweek nachos are a family favourite

This was a very, very low key week as far as eating goes. Because we were away in Washington over New Years and we all ate more in four days than we had eaten the previous month, we have laid low this week. We did start it off with a nice charcuterie and card night with The Neighbours though. Foie gras and truffle pate with apricot jam, olives, some meats and a very white cheese plate was the perfect dinner to enjoy over a rousing game of cards. Not that it matters but


For the rest of the week we just ate simply. One night I took some turkey pozole out of the freezer and heated that up and served it with some cheesy nachos, we had more charcuterie with some other friends another night. We watched Canada win the Gold Medal in the World Juniors at the pub and split some wings and last night I threw some pork ribs in the slow cooker, defrosted some baked beans and made baked potatoes. Other than that, I have been drinking green tea and trying to dry out and recover from my extended holiday celebrations.
Sorry, nothing exciting to report on that front.

I taught a last minute (for me anyway) What's For Dinner cooking demo at the Musgrave Loblaws (make sure to check out my future dates if you want to come and heckle me) yesterday and today, I am vowing to stay in pjs all day while I catch up on blog work and listen, horrified, to the news coming from Paris on CBC. It is far too horrifying to even consider putting CNN on, even for sport.

Lets hope that next week brings more peace, calm and level heads in the world.

Coming up this week in TO Food:

If you haven't attended one of these wine events at Pukka, there is one coming up this Monday night. Wine guru, Peter Boyd, is going to share 8 different kinds of sparkling wine and pair them with Indian food in unexpected but absolutely delightful ways. Best $95 you will spend all month

Winterlicious doesn't start until the end of the month but you can start making reservations this Thursday, so get on that!

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