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The Week In Yum Dec 13-19 Lunch at the Shangri La and a bit of horn tooting, But Mostly Planet Byn

my go to room service lunch at the Shangri La puts other hotel food to shame, I tell you

I had to work for a couple of days this week and the day started at 5:45am so that means I basically lived at the Shangri La for those days. Luckily, that hotel is beautiful, the service is impeccable and the food is delicious, even the room service. That curried coconut soup up there is my current lunch of choice and I would almost check into the hotel just so I could eat it again.

Along with my partner in crime, Alice, we beautified these two lovelies who play Rapunzel and her prince in the upcoming movie, Into the Woods. Not a bad way to pay the rent.

Because it's Xmas, a trip to Ikea was in order 

after spending 2 days together on the Into The Woods Press Tour, Alice and I had not had enough of each other so she took me along to Ikea and bought me lunch. Best 75 cent hotdog going.

Robyn complained that she has not been featured in TWIY for far too long so there she is thrice!

Wednesday, I met up with my fellow food blogging compatriots for an evening out at the Distillery's Christmas Market and it was insanely crowded considering that it was a mid week and wet snowing and cold as a witches tit. We warmed up with an outdoor hot toddy while Robyn from Planet Byn and Heather of the Tasty Gardener and I waited for our companions, Jenny, The Brunette Baker and Meg of Sweet Twist of Blogging. Word of warning if you plan to go, we couldn't get into any of the restaurants we had hoped for and had to wait for well over an hour and a half to get into the Mill St Bew Pub. Once we were in and seated and warmed up, we had a great time, eating duck fat fries, delicious, giant pretzels and pirogies with big glasses of beer to wash it all down. As always, our buddy Libby Roach , who had a previous party commitment, showed up AFTER we got a table and settled, thus avoiding the two hours of wet wandering so her hair looked fabulous. I, on the other hand, looked like wet dog.

Wow, oh yeah, two things- my onsen tomago lesson is being featured in the brand spanking new Stumbled Upon - Teach Me Something Awesome list. It's basically a curated collection of great blog posts and articles from across the web that will show you stuff you might not already know about and if you like to stumble, this is the ultimate stumble porn.

My recipe for Riesling Apple Brown Butter Ricotta Napoleon's is feature on McEwan's "Recipes from Mark" page... as in Mark McEwan. As in super intense, kind of scary super chef Mark McEwan.

Coming up this week:

The Real Jerk, on Gerrard, is having an Irie Christmas Party on Saturday night with lots of Jamaican treats, drinks and music

Its Chrismakkuh at The Drake on Sunday Dec 21

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