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Downtown Amman

This hotel could not be better situated. We are in the heart of downtown Amman, in the old part of the city within walking distance of the coliseum, the citadel, the bustling souk that surrounds the King Abdullah Mosque.

Roof top oasis inside a tent

The Boutique Hotel is not fancy but it's spotless, it's inexpensive, it's wonderfully situated, the manager is friendly and very helpful. He will arrange a ride from or to the airport for only 25JD (a taxi costs about 45JD) or a driver to take you to tour sites like Jerash OT to take you to Madaba for a very reasonable rate. I was very happy with our stay and would stay there again if I returned to Jordan. I fact, we might stay there in our last night. We got the "quiet" room at the back with a king bed and a private bathroom for 30JD a night ( that is just under $50 Canadian).

We spent at least two hours wandering up and down, venturing one small alley after another. We bought scarves, spices, nuts and a couple of trinkets. Oh and The Kid bought a cane. The one he lusted over had a hidden dagger in the handle. Uh, yeah, no- 'splain that to immigration son. He settled for this dapper walking stick with what looks like a brass falcon head for a handle instead without much of an argument, so thank you for that my son.

The Kid learned a lesson about drinking Turkish coffee on an empty stomach which meant that we missed our reservation at the restaurant I wanted to try. Turkish coffee here is the bomb but it's thick and it's potent and does very bad things to your body if you aren't used to it and don't precede it with a nice big spread of mezes.

Because of this we are back at Jafra, a great place across the street from the hotel. We ate there last night and everything was delicious so we are back tonight. Okay, I am not saying that I found out lamb spleen to be delicious but he ate more if it than I could imagine anyone could eat so, for lamb spleen, I guess it was delicious. We had a few dips, the spleen, mint tea and coffee, the mixed grill that you get everywhere with a lamb, beef and a chicken kebab, a giant salad - it was all fantastic, fresh and the portions are massive.

I will talk more about Jafra tomorrow for tonight, we dine.

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