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Win A Smoker - Duff and Ted's Up In Smoke Extravaganza

You might think that BBQ season is on the way out, but now is the perfect time to haul out your smoker. To celebrate smoking season, Ontario Gas BBQ is giving away 5 Grill Pro Traditional Horizontal Offset Smokers. You heard that right, 5 Free Smokers are up for grabs.

If you have never been out to the Ontario Gas BBQ store, you are in for a treat because it is truly BBQ heaven. With over 150 different kinds of barbecues from propane and gas to charcoal and electric, smokers and more, it's impossible to not find what you are looking for. They are also home of the Charcoal Room featuring Charcoals of the World with over 10 brands of premium hardwood free of chemicals and additives. They regularly stock charcoal from as far away as Africa and Indonesia so if you think all there is to buying charcoal is running up to the corner store, think again. 

In our house, the smoker is Shack's domain and he takes great pride in his secret recipe for dry rub that he uses on both his pork ribs and his pulled pork.  He won't even let me in the kitchen when he makes it, never mind share the actual recipe with me. He guards that thing more closely than Colonel Sanders guards his 11 secret herbs and spices and don't think I haven't tried to sneak a peak. Not happening. I don't complain too much because as long as he bequeaths the recipe to me in his will, I will happily let him do all the work for now.

getting the ribs ready for the smoker with his "secret" rub. 

No need for any smoker envy though because, now,  you can win one for yourself.

All you have to do is go  here and print out the ballot, fill it out and bring it to the Ontario Gas BBQ Store on Saturday, October 25th. The first draw will be at noon and the last will be at 2:30 but you don't need to hang around til 2:30 to win. If you leave and you win, someone will get in touch with you.

The Hoptimus Prime Fire Truck will be on hand giving away free pulled pork sandwiches to the first 200 people to show up and donate a minimum of $5 to Camp Bucko- a camp for kids who are burn survivors.

Saturday, Oct 25th, 2014
Ontario Gas BBQ, 3310 Langstaff Road, Vaughn, Ontario, L4K 4Z8

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