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The Week in Yum Oct 11-17 The Delicious Food Show, Kimchi Korea House

chefs Gentile, Batali, Florence and Hughes testosteroning the joint up at the Media Press Conference for the Delicious Food Show

Last weekend was Thanksgiving up here in the Great White North and so we drove out to Westport, Ontario to spend the weekend with family. Like all good Canadians, I cooked up a turkey feast for the first time in ages and it was delicious, if I do say so myself. Why, oh why do we not eat a full turkey dinner once a month?? WHY?

On Monday, Shack and I went downtown, thinking we would pop into the Salad King for thai but, being a holiday, The Salad King was closed. CLOSED!! We then thought, hey let's go to Pai.
Sansotei on Dundas.....

 Kimchi Korea House

What the hell was going on? On the walk back to the car, we passed by Kimchi Korea House on Dundas and you know what? We were starving, it was opened, it looked to be pretty busy so we walked in and took a seat.  Shack ordered the Bulgogi BiBimBap ($10.95) and I got a big bowl of spicy beef soup ($9.95) instead of bibimbap - i like to order something different so we can taste more things. The tiny salad was really great but I could have eaten four more bowls. The little array of small bits of this and that that accompany Korean meals were also very nice and kept us from getting cranky until our mains came. The soup was quite spicy- not make your eyes water spicy but just right and full of shredded beef but Shack certainly hit the jackpot with his bibimbap - a lovely, bubbling cauldron of rice with bulgogi and a fried egg on top (spend the extra buck and get that egg) and two bottles of addictive sauce - one sweet and salty and the other a hot sauce. He has not shut up about it ever since so I assume we will be back sooner rather than later.  My beef soup was fine but it wasn't nearly as good as his bulgogi so I will never doubt my first instincts again. If I hadn't tasted his bulgogi I would probably be raving about the soup, to be honest.

spicy beef soup

On Tuesday,  we drove to Holland Marsh again because it was nice enough to have the top down on the car and at this time of year, you don't waste top down days.  If you have watched True Detective, you can imagine what Holland Marsh looks like and this is the second time in just over a week that he has taken me out there. Should I be reading into that?

Anyway, on the way home, Shack took me for butter chicken at one of his secret restaurants, Shivas Chicken in Port Perry, of all places. Who goes to Port Perry for butter chicken??
Shack does, apparently.
and it was a damned fine butter chicken too

By Tuesday night, I was starting to feel a bit under the weather and it was a quick descent into fluish hell so the rest of the week involved me lying on the couch and not eating right up until today.

The Delicious Food Show

Thanks god I woke up today feeling like I could actually get up and move around so I popped a few advil, packed my hand sanitizer and made it to the media preview of the Delicious Food Show and I am so glad I did.

Chef Hughes showed us his tattoos, I mean the kitchen where the chef's will conduct the hands on cooking classes throughout the weekend. The price tag might sound a bit steep, ranging from $100 to $300 but these are fully hands on cooking experiences with some incredible chefs and a chance to cook alongside and then sit and enjoy a meal, drink some wine and rub shoulders with the likes of Tyler Florence, Roger Mooking and Mark McEwan. Lets face it, every lady in the room would happily drop $300 just to chop Chuck Hughes' onions so that is a small price to pay to spend a couple of hours in the kitchen with him, am I right?

Tickets for the classes can be bought here

We continued on with a little tour of the show, Abbey's Kitchen Stadium and finished with a press conference with Chefs Mario Batali, Tyler Florence, Chuck Hughes and Toronto's own Rob Gentile of Buca, who also provided a lovely spread for us as well. Food bloggin' is hungry business.
In Abbey's Kitchen Stadium you can sample the offerings from 8 of Toronto's top chefs and then vote for your favourites right up until 4pm on Saturday. On Sunday, the top four chefs will go head to head to compete for the title of Champion, so, if you like a bit of interactive fun, Abbey's Kitchen Stadium is for you.

With more than 200 exhibitors, 40 live cooking demos and classes and more celebrity chefs than you can shake a stick at, this is the place to be this weekend.

Some of the highlights, for me were:

Santo Pecado is there with their tasty Mexican fare. Love these girls

Aracataca debuting their Columbian style Arepas topped with non traditional offerings like the Bangkok thai beef. YUM

Former Top Chef Canada Competitor, Cook Book writer and illustrator Pierre Lamielle is there with his awesome food Tshirts from Food On Your Shirt 

Michael Malleau of Louise Prete , with his delicious, gourmet, all natural sauces modelled after the recipes his grandmother handed down to him (the company is named after her)
This popcorn is CRAZY! Crazy good. The Pumpkin Spice is like a crunchy, salty, sweet pumpkin spice latte but if a latte was caramel corn with a white chocolate drizzle. Absolutely addictive. Crazy Corn - don't forget it

these teeny tiny cookies from the teeny tiny bakery are seriously cute

Parachute Coffee kept me alive all morning. Thank you for that.

Sophia Saunders has brought some of her wonderful linocut prints - need one of these for my new kitchen!

A pine nut butter tart with a hint of orange and mint. The. Best. Thing. I. Have. Ever. Put. In. My. Mouth
The profiteroles were great too. Props to Chef Rocco Agostino of Pizzeria Libretto 

The Delicious Food Show runs from right now until Sunday so make sure you haul your butt down to the Direct Energy Centre at Exhibition Place.

you might get lucky and see this guy out walking around among the regular humans too

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