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The Week in Yum Sept 6-12 My Week in Photos Pizzeria Mare, This End Up, Fika and Free Sushi Classes at WindupBird and More

It was a busy week. I took a lot of pictures.
I love the weekends at McEwan's when everyone is giving away free samples - okay that steak wasn't free

Private party at This End Up on Saturday meant more of my favourite, tasty snacks ALL FOR ME!
My first real cocktail at This End Up since I only ever go there for lunch. The Mutt. Oh, it will happen again.

Mare Pizzeria at 158 Baldwin and opened about a week or so. Shack enjoyed a delicious breakfast slice in Kensington.
Nice big slice for about $3

Fika, in Kensington is the prettiest, most feminine little girl's wet dream of a coffee shop I have ever seen. Oh, the coffee is good too but don't go on the weekend if you are in a hurry.

These Atsuete Shrimp Tacos - one of my two recipes entered in a bit of a recipe challenge using Pulo Cuisine Sauces and Marinades

It must be TIFF if I am eating at the Intercon. Tasty BC Salmon with Lavender Sour Cream and Plums at Azure in the Intercontinental

Friday lunch at the Caledon Family Restaurant, formerly known as FlapJacks. Good, solid diner fare. No complaints here.
satisfying tomato macaroni soup that made me miss my mom - greasy spoon staple

would you look at that thick, toasted bread? Really good BLT while Shack had the old man special - sorry that's a hot hamburger on white bread

Friday was haircut day so we stopped by Mare Pizzeria again after The Crow's Nest for some hipster pizza slices. Just as great as it was when we went on Saturday and Shack has declared "might be the best take out slice in the city"

Coming up:

Free Sushi Making Classes for Kids at The Windup Bird Cafe

In an effort to draw attention to the issues of childhood poverty and food security here in Canada, write-chef and food literacy warrior, Sang Kim, offers two free sushi making classes to children between the ages of 8 and 16. The classes are being held at his restaurant, The Windup Bird Cafe on Saturday Sept 30 and Saturday Oct 4 from 3-5pm and there are only 30 spots available at each so sign your kids up!

Click here to watch his 2013 TEXx talk where he shared his childhood experience of hunger and poverty while growing up in a Toronto housing project.

Read more about Sang Kim and all of the fabulous things that go on over there at the Windup Bird

The Toronto Underground Market call it quits after basically launching the careers of the likes of Rock Lobster, La Carnita, Fidel Gastros and the majority of the rock star food truck chefs, most of whom now operate successful brick and mortar restaurants. Tickets are on sale for this event on Saturday Sept 27 at 99 Sudbury. I think we should all attend, wear black armbands and I would say let's form a drum circle but I can't possibly drum when my both hands are stuffed with tacos and dripping grease and hot sauce.
The whole gang will be there, including:  La CarnitaRock Lobster Food Co,Fidel Gastro'sHotBunzzBabi&Co.Big E's Hawaiian GrindsME.N.U Food TruckStuffed & Co.Tequila Tromba

Have you bought your tickets to the Delicious Food Show yet? Aside from the general admission tickets, which get you into the Oct 17-19th event, you can buy tickets for one of the Exclusive Chef's Series with chefs like the delicious Chuck Hughes, the terrifying but brilliant Mark McEwan and the dashing Food Network star Tyler Florence.

You know I will be right there on Friday afternoon to see Mario Batali on the Celebrity Stage hoping to see if he will let me try on one of his orange crocs and sign my pasta pot. A girl can dream.
It's basically three days of non stop food porn with endless vendors offering tastes of their wares, demonstrations and, if you are over 19, lots of adult libations to enjoy.
Check here for the various ticket prices and options

Oh yeah, I am teaching a class at the Musgrave Loblaws this Thursday at 1pm! It's going to be Thai Turkey Skewers and my Cauliflower Fried Rice. To book, click here
Make sure you choose the desired date from the pull down menu 1pm-2pm class from the pull down menu

Pin of the week: Starting to get the Italy itch

Instagram of the week: I am obsessed with these placemats from Bradshaws in Stratford


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