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The Week in Yum August 16-22 A much needed break from eating out except for a little trip to Seven Lives

a week that begins with a magical wedding weekend in cottage country and ends with a trip to the market is a good week indeed

We attended our second wedding this summer on Saturday in cottage country and had a really great dinner while we were there. I am not going to lie, I don't usually expect much from any sort of wedding meal and I joked that I had checked off the beef option because I was holding out for a steak. Imagine my delight when I saw that the beef option was, indeed, a perfectly grilled, medium rare steak!

The caterer grilled the steaks and some chicken, served a really lovely salad and some beautifully roasted potatoes and I couldn't have been happier. Nothing is better than a simple but really well done meal, it was suitably cottagey and relaxed, just like the wedding itself.

a lovely meal to cap off a lovely wedding 
truly one of the tastiest catered wedding meals I have had in years

Not only did I do the hair and makeup for the brides, the flower girl and both mothers of the brides, but Shack and I tag teamed the photography duties, making it our first official wedding photography gig. Pencil that in as our retirement plan #43. At this point we figure that, between us, we can offer a full service package that includes makeup and hair, officiating and photography. I would add catering but that might be stretching myself a bit too thin.

congratulations to the newly official Davidson-Keery family!

the captivating Gooderham Lake in the Kawarthas

The only other meal of note, for the entire week, was this delicious grilled cumin-mint pork chops and charred corn salad, both courtesy of the grilling issue of Bon Appetite. I swapped the lamb for brined pork chops and it was delicious. Shack was only home for dinner once this week and it happened to be one of the few lovely evenings and a perfect evening for a bbq. We can count the nights we have busted out the charcoal on one hand this summer, which makes me sad so I am hoping that we will enjoy a beautiful Sept so we can make up for lost time.

I ate a lot of popcorn this week and gave my tummy a break from eating out.

next time you oven roast potatoes, throw in some radishes - roasted radishes are the bomb

Shack and I ended the week with an impromptu lunch date over ceviche from Seven Lives in Kensington Market which is probably one my favourite things to eat in the entire city. Eating it with my favourite guy was the guacamole on top.

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