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The week in yum June 13-20 in Pictures

the highlight of my week was not food but chaperoning these four tiny wonders at the zoo and the four of them were far more delicious than anything I could have put in my belly. I have spent over a decade chaperoning groups of boys because you always get your own kid plus their posse on field trips. This means that the majority of my time was spent keeping boys alive, out of the lion pit, down from trees and depriving the komodo dragon from his lunch of fresh Montessori meat.

Not only was it a rare treat, just look at their outfits!! I could not have art directed them any better so well done girls and the moms who dressed them, well done.

This week has been a blur what with the end of grade 9 for The Kid, working a super long press day as well as working at our magical unicorn school during their last week of school and planning furiously for our upcoming trip to Portugal this Monday that I am just going to do a week in pictures.

My week:

a buffalo soft shelled crab sandwich from Porchetta and Co. Probably the only thing that can top the pork, for me.

Trust me, he was much happier than he looks to be waiting for that beauty

Oh, back to the west end for a hair cut at The Crow's Nest and I managed to grab THE LAST order of ceviche for us to share from Seven Lives in Kensington Market. Happy Day

Sunday was Father's Day so that mean a morning of hubcap polishing followed by lunch at The Wren. Those are deep fried egg yolk hush puppies on a chorizo, bean, yam hash concoction and it's delicious so go get it.

I was up at 4:30am to spend the day beautifying Taylor Schilling for a long day of nonstop press and I am still amazed at how fresh and lovely she managed to look because any other human would have been sleep walking by this point. She is some sort of superwoman.

lunch from room service at the Shangri La. Yes, that seared tuna on rice noodles was room service. YUM

Later that same evening - remember, I was  up at 4:30 am, I was thrilled to be greeted by the lovely lady slinging Dillon's at the Savour Stratford preview at the Mill St Brewery in The Distillery District, let me tell you. 

A selection of talent that will be doing their thing during the two days of Savour Stratford were on hand to meet and greet
some take out from brand new BBQ joint in the heart of the Beach, Wood Fire Pit & Tap. Mixed reviews so far although our food was pretty good. They are barely open so I am waiting for a month or so to form a solid opionion but hopes are high

To finish up the week on a high note, I made it back into Gastropost for the first time in forever and was thrilled to see that my friend, Robyn, was sitting right up there on my head with her bourbon rhubarb upside down cake.

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