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True Detective Finale - Who The Hell is Lyle R Guidroz?

is this the Yellow King?

Sometimes I get tired about talking about food all the time, don't you? Let's chat about something else for a change.
Grab a chair and take a seat and we'll chew the fat.

True Detective.

I am currently obsessed with this show, like millions of other people, and I have nothing better to do than poke around the internet, reading what other people think, trying to piece together bits of the puzzle and I am enjoying myself immensely. This morning, I am reading and reading and I think "hey, I will look up the cast in the final episode and see if there are any clues in there"
Maybe a cast member from an earlier episode will come back or something. All I find is this one cast member who is there as three characters but without any sort of photos.
Lyle R Guidroz

Young Lyle is credited with being a VooDoo Character, Mechanic and john. All of his credits are from the last couple of years, many of them uncredited and there are no photos at all. A google search brings up nothing. Hmmm
I do find his linkedin page where he says that this:

4 days on set driving on camera, as a mechanic, a boom operator, and as one of the 4 masked main characters in the finale ritual scene - spoiler alert! Look for the giraffe print to the right of the goat head. I'm the one with a hood but no headpiece. More details after it airs.

Now, who is this dude who only shows up in the finale? Why is he giving details about the finale of the most talked about, secretive show of the year right out in the open (out in the open if you are looking)? I know that when Shack works on set, there are people who's only job is to make sure NOBODY leaks any photos or info of any kind on the internet so if I found this, anyone could find this, right?
Why is nobody else noticing this guy? They notice the scar on the lawn mower, they have theories on Maggie's father being involved but nobody else looked at the cast list for the finale and thought "who is this dude nobody has heard of, that nobody has photos of who is spilling some pretty large beans about the best kept secret in the business?" 
Is the Yellow King going to end up being this tap dancing dude up there?

God, I love this show.

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