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Misura Giveaway

I love being able to share stuff with you guys when I can and this month, Misura Canada is giving somebody a great box of goodies  so make sure you enter because if you don't enter, you can't win.

Misura is an Italian company that produces an extensive line of whole wheat pastas, cookie, crackers and toasts with sugar free, gluten free, high fibre,  milk and egg free options. I am always on the lookout for products that are not only healthier but have great taste. Nutritious is all well and good but taste is still king around here and it's not all that often that these two things go hand in hand and because trying to get these guys to accept stuff like whole wheat pasta is not always a winning situation for me, when Misura offered me some product to play with, I was happy to take it off their hands. Stay tuned for a recipe I am working on featuring whole wheat sedani pasta and the whole wheat wheat rusks along with the final review from my picky menfolk. It's one thing if I like it because I already like the taste and texture of whole grain stuff but if they like it, that will hold a lot more weight.

I know, I know, we all like to bake but when we can't, finding a tasty sugar free cookie is golden so you can let the kidlets indulge guilt free. They won't know there is no sugar in these cookies, so just don't tell them and if you win this prize pack, you will lots of stuff to fool them with!

It might counteract the whole healthy cookie thing but I LOVE those little 6 cereal biscuits with a bit of cold butter smeared over the top and it was my fondness for that cookie that prompted me to accept this particular offer. YUM

So, without further ado:

Enter for your chance to win a tasty Misura prize pack, brimming with Italian biscuits, crackers and pasta— valued at $100! With a delightful mix of flavours Misura produces whole wheat, no sugar added, gluten free, milk & egg free and high fibre options.

*This contest will close in two weeks and is open to Ontario residents, only. Please leave a comment when you enter and good luck!

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