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The Week In Yum Feb 8-14

Now I know what the hell a rainbow loom is thanks to the girls of Avalon Montessori

The week started out with a bang with a delicious dinner from Shack. He made a huge bowl of shrimp ceviche with better guacamole than I ever make, which kind of pisses me off, but whatever.  It was delicious. Then, if that wasn't enough, he made a  ginormous pot of meat sauce. The meal didn't really "flow" in any sort of way but it was super tasty and I got to lay on the couch and watch Olympics so I am not complaining. I am going to be honest with you and admit that nobody eats well during the winter olympics in this house because mama is parked on the couch for two weeks and that is just the way it is so everyone has to get over it and carry on.

On Monday I managed to make another batch of BBQ pork so there would be leftovers to pack for lunch all week but The Kid wanted to go to Il Fornello for a $5 margarita pizza. Actually, he ordered TWO $5 pizzas but who's counting? Il Fornello  might not be my first choice for pizza but their $10 pizza Tuesday ($10 for any pizza on the menu) is only beat by $5 margarita pizza Monday. A whole pizza and a glass of wine for $10 works for me. We all split the small salad which is so not small that I am afraid to ever order the large. Honestly, it's the best dinner deal in The Beach if you have kids.

On Tuesday, I finally made an onsen tomago that worked using my crock pot during some Olympic
downtime. Onsen tomago are sort of a poached egg that are slow cooked in their shells. I ate that bowl of udon you see down there for lunch after I shot it for the blog and then made The Kid his own bowl for supper. I love this Japanese method for making eggs - you basically poach the egg INSIDE the shell so it's much neater and easier to hold over until you need them and the texture is also very different. Since we don't have any volcanic hot springs in the neighbourhood and I also don't have a sous vide machine, I had to improvise.  The yolks are runny but thick at the same time and its perfect for plopping onto ramen, noodles or a bowl of rice. Very excited to share how I got to this point in a day or two so stay tuned.

my failed attempt at making the onsen tomago produced a perfect hard boiled egg and breakfast

Thursday was the annual Avalon Montessori bake sale to raise money for Free The Children and it was a great success, raising $800. Clearly the family and friends of our magical unicorn school suffer from from serious sweet teeth. I bought three of Nonna's madeleines because they are the bomb (our school Nonna is everyone's Nonna and every one needs a Nonna) and retired to my couch to watch some sporting event that is going on... I can't remember the name. That evening was a simple meal of braised honey mustard chicken thighs, mashed potatoes and savoy cabbage because THE OLYMPICS!

Canada is killing it at these Olympics and I am so thrilled. I can take or leave the summer games but for some reason I am obsessed with the winter games. I am a speed skating groupie and a newly minted slopestyle groupie who wants to put little Mike McMorris in her pocket and carry him around everywhere. My boys are lucky I have made them anything to eat all, frankly, so I feel like I am actually coming out on top my game.

the recipe for these ancho coffee beef shanks is coming this week

Friday was Valentine's Day and although we don't really "do" Valentine's Day anymore now that The Kid is too old to make me a craft, I had some nice beef shanks and it was a good excuse to make a fancy dinner. Braising doesn't require constant attention either so I didn't have to interrupt my Olympic viewing too much. This is not the time for risotto people. I shouldn't even have to tell you how much we had making "shank" jokes all day.

I was hoping to hit at least a couple more restaurants for Winterlicious but Shack had to work all week getting the crap beat out of him and i had a really bad cold so I missed the boat. 

Food find of the week: How have I missed this??

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