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The Week In Yum Feb 15-21

Last weekend was a blur of OLYMPICS/HOUSE OF CARDS/OLYMPICS/HOUSE OF CARDS with some food consumed somewhere in there along the way. We only left the house long enough to stuff our faces with delicious brunch items and then it was back to the couch for more speed skating, Francis Underwood and his evil co villian, Claire and hockey and slopestyle. 

I can't. He is the most delicious thing I saw all week

We met friend for brunch at one of our favourite local spots, The Wren. This was our first brunch there and it did not disappoint. My only regret was that I let Shack talk me into eggs benny when he went and ordered the polenta with pulled pork, mole and a fried egg. The eggs benedict was good but it was way too big for me and the chorizo patty wasn't very chorizoy to me. The fried potatoes, on the other hand, were ten times more delicious than I expected and I wish I hadn't waited until after I ate one of the eggs because that egg filled me up so I could only eat a few forkfuls of the delicious potato hash. Next time I am getting that polenta and that's that. Everyone was very happy with their food, the prices are quite reasonable, especially considering the massive portions. 

Thursday Lentil Soup
upcoming Recipe For Change Event on Feb 27 tickets $125

the hungry wren breakfast

the delicious polenta that we should all eat from now on

my eggs benedict that shack made me get

Since it was a holiday on Monday, we met some more friends for brunch again. We don't usually do big brunch two days in a row but it was family day and that is what you do on family day. I had never been to McSorleys on Bayview because it was close to our friend's house and I was initially not impressed. They were still ten minutes from officially opening but they let us come in and sit down and have some coffee while they got everything up and running for the day. Its basically more of a pub than a restaurant and most bars/pubs don't look so hot in the light of day and this place was no exception but Shack has been here to watch sporting events from time to time and swore that they had good food. I was pleasantly surprised with my breakfast, in the end. My huevos rancheros wasn't going to win any culinary awards but it was tasty as heck. The eggs were perfectly poached, the pico do gallo was fresh and I was quite happy with the whole thing. Now, I might not go out of my way to eat brunch there but if I find myself in the Leaside area again, I would be happy to stop in.

my huevos rancheros

perogies and poached eggs 

Thursday was Lemony Lentil Soup day. The Kid has been sick with a terrible cold all week and I was having trouble getting him to eat much. This soup is full of good, cold fighting ingredients like turmeric, cumin and ginger - it's like a ayurveda chicken soup and was the perfect thing for my sick boy who ate it by the boatload. I will put the recipe up early in the week so check back because it's a keeper.

OLYMPICS OLYMPICS OLYMPICS (we finished House of Cards so we could concentrate on the Olympics) 
Because we are Canadian, we live for Olympic Hockey and we also really love curling so between women's hockey GOOOOOOOOOLD , men and women's curling GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD and the US/Canada game, I barely ate. 
all I am going to say about the Men's US/Canada game

For all of you Toronto people, think about going to the upcoming Recipe For Change Event on Feb 27. It's a great event to support FoodShare Toronto's innovative work in schools here in the city.  Tickets are $125 and there will be dishes from 30 chefs, lots of booze and the chance to do some good while you fill your bellies. I am going to be there so if you go, come and say hi unless I am eating, then I might bite you. If I bite you, I promise to buy you a glass of wine.

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