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The Week In Yum Oct 5-11

mural painting Nuit Blanche

Last week started off with a bang. We joined our friend, Jen, and her little man for some Indian food when they met us at Delhi Bistro on Queen East. The Kid's sensei has often raved about this spot and for some reason, I have never been there. From the outside, it looks kind of dark and uninviting and although I have been curious, it just never really drew me in. What a mistake on my part.

We didn't go nuts ordering, especially because we were introducing a 1 year old to Indian food but everything we had was fresh and delicious, the service was great, the prices were reasonable and we were all very happy. The baby loved the butter chicken, saag paneer and the papadums but we left the Madras Beef for another time and I ate most of it to spare his delicate palate - I'm a giver.  Now that I have been inside, I see that it isn't dark and uninviting at all (it would be better if the outside reflected that a bit more) and I can't wait to go back.

Ai Weiwei bike installation at city hall

random girl gets into the Nuit Blanche action with her fancy hoop

Tanks by Cal Lane is still up at Metro Hall @John and King

Saturday night we all went out to enjoy Nuit Blanche and even though The Kid crapped out at around midnight and went home with our friends, Shack and I stayed out until almost 3am like we were teenagers or something! Supposedly, there was an abundance of food trucks around city hall but we didn't find anything like that until we made our last stop at Market 707  at Scadding Court. There was live music, mural painters, an art show in the emptied out swimming pool and a bunch of the food vendors were open for business all night. We decided to just go for some tasty poutine from Kevin's Burger Obsession which claims to be Canada's only charcoal fired food truck. The smell from the grill was incredible but we just weren't up to a burger. Based on aroma alone, we will definitely try one next time.

I am going to admit that I can get really anxious in a big crowd and usually do all I can to avoid them but if you are skipping Nuit Blanche because of that, don't. Do yourself a favour and check it out next year because there is something so magical about wandering around the downtown core in the middle of the night amongst thousands of happy people enjoying our great city. Tons of restaurants stay open, there is art everywhere and it's bright and shiny and wonderful. We even tried to check out the scene in Parkdale but between Shaw and and Dufferin it was so jam packed full of people and cars that we couldn't even dream of finding a parking spot. It was still fun just cruising by a neighbourhood that was once pretty sketchy and not a place where you would want to conduct a leisurely 2am spin with the top down jam packed with people, music and arty exuberance.

I went out for lunch with a friend and her mom this week and they took me to a place on the Danforth that I didn't even know existed called Morgans. It seems that her mom has been eating here for ages and loves their brunch...who knew?

I had the heirloom beets with chevre and it was very tasty indeed. Everyone seemed pleased with their lunch and we shared a really great dessert. It didn't sound very appealing but then it came and it was delicious - almost like the texture of a sticky toffee cake but without the sticky toffee. They need to call it something other than "spiced cake with chocolate" though because if my friend's mother hadn't ordered it, I wouldn't have even considered it. It's nice to know there is another nice little spot to eat in the neighbourhood and I am glad I was introduced to Morgans. Fine dining and eating at the newest, hippest spot in town is fine and good but there is something to be said about a friendly, dependable  neighbourhood joint that you can drop in on at the drop of hat, minutes from home.

the badly named but very delicious spice cake with chocolate

In fun food news, Shack did a commercial for Sobys at the Flat Iron Building with Jamie Oliver on Wednesday and I stopped by to visit after my acupuncture appointment to have a peek and eat some lunch with my man. Shack was stunt coordinating and I am happy to report that he did not break Mr Oliver, who left the shoot fully in tact and lived to see another crazy, workaholic day. The guy clearly never sleeps.

Thursday and Friday were spent planning and shopping for our Thanksgiving feast this Sunday which is also why this is being posted a day late. On the menu:

Roast turkey basted in Normandy butteer (it's a PC product so I will report back)
Portuguese cornbread stuffing with pancetta and dried cranberries and stuff
Port gravy
Nutty green beans
Braised Red Cabbage
Buttermilk mashed potatoes
A salad of arugula, roasted beets, shaved fennel, oranges and feta
Strawberry Skor Pavlova
Apple pecan upside down cake

Happy thanksgiving everyone

Fave pin of the week: this is the most delicious looking pork chop I have ever seen

Fave instagram of the week:  look at these stunning forks

Fave foodfind of the week:  These Breaking Bad Cookies led me to Semi Sweet Designs OMG

Fave tweet of the week:

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