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The Week in Yum Oct 19-24

baked potato+chili+cheese=happy men folk here at casa shack

It was a bit of a slow week as far as exciting food experiences go but on Sunday, I finally got around to making  Marcella Hazan Tomato Sauce after reading about it for years. It was very tasty but it didn't blow my socks off - I won't go into it again, just click the link if you want to hear all the gritty details about how I lose my blogger badge.

I don't even recall what we ate on Monday so that probably means pizza was ordered. It happens. All I care about is that I went to see Gravity with a friend and that means that I dined on my personal crack, movie popcorn and I wasn't hungry at dinner time so I  just made myself a salad. I have to say, the movie, the company and the popcorn were wonderful and I highly suggest that you indulge in both of these things ASAP.

Tuesday, Shack and I went to see ANOTHER movie in the afternoon - two days in a row spent eating movie popcorn and watching movies. I am totally living the dream people. We went to see Rush, another very good movie and if you think you aren't interested because you aren't into auto sports, think again. It's a great story, beautifully shot and MR HEMSWORTH. And movie popcorn.

Before seeing the movie we decided to give Ryu's Noodle Bar another chance. A few weeks back we dropped in for some pre Bowie AGO lunch and poor Shack had the worst restaurant karma. They actually ran out of rice (at a japanese restaurant????) and when he then changed his order to gyoza, they had ran out of those and were going to have to make more and it would be about a 40 minute wait. Poor Shack. The food that we did eat was very good and this time, although he didn't actually order gyoza or rice, we did enquire and were relieved to hear that both of these items were made and in stock. I do worry about a japanese restaurant with such a tiny menu that actually runs out of things on that menu during a lunch service (I can always understand running out of the daily special later on in the evening but rice?). Anyway, I am happy to report that we enjoyed our miso ramen with spicy tofu just as much as we did the last time although we both left half a bowl of broth uneaten because we were absolutely full. It is such a ridiculously rich broth that we would only be able to finish it if we could split it with a side of extra noodles perhaps. It would be great to see half orders on the menu.
that black stuff is the addictive garlic shallot oil that you should order and add straight into your soup

Wednesday for dinner we had those baked potatoes stuffed with chili and piled high with melty cheese, salsa fresco and sour cream that you see up top because I love my boys and food like that makes them very, very happy.

Thursday night was our first high school parent/teacher meeting and Shack was working right up until the last minute so The Kid and I enjoyed some delicious toasted bacon and tomato sandwiches that I had been craving all day. God, it's amazing how delicious something so simple can be when the tomatoes are perfectly ripe, the bacon is perfectly salty and crispy, you use the right bread with just enough mayo, salt and pepper. Luckily for The Kid, he is doing very well in all four subjects, his teachers all seem to like him and nothing horrible to say about him so he will live to see another day.
For now.

fave pin of the week: I can't stop looking at this beautiful tart

fave instagram:  its hard not to choose a david lofts image every week frankly

fave non food instagram:  I think this counts because they are so cute I want to eat them

fave facebook share:  Just because

fave food find: a tiny crock pot you can plug in at your desk? Hells ya

fave tweet: not food related but too awesome to keep all to myself

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