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The Week in Yum Oct 12-18

strawberry skor pavolva

This past weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving which means I was busy shopping, cooking and cleaning in preparation for our Sunday dinner. We had the MVP family over as well as my mother in law and enjoyed a thankful feast of roast turkey, port gravy, portuguese cornbread stuffing (recipe coming soon), mashed buttermilk potatoes, lots of veggies and salad and two desserts. I made an apple pecan upside down cake and a strawberry skor pavlova loaded up with dulce de leche drizzle and dark chocolate curls. I have to say that a big turkey dinner is truly one of my favourite things on earth and I am always especially thankful that the Canadian holiday usually falls early enough that it doesn't spoil my desire for turkey again by Christmas.
Thank you Canada.

apple pecan upside down cake

Monday, Shack and I went out for a drive to enjoy what might be one of the last beautiful, warm days with the top down and the wind blowing in my hair like a starlet. We ended up meeting up with our friends, The Hoffelby's in Stouffville of all places. What the hell can there be to eat in Stouffville? Mr Hoffelby liked the look of the The Kings Landing on Main Street so we pulled into the parking lot but, from the outside, it looks like any other diner and I was apprehensive. I think we were all pleasantly surprised when we saw that they had things like a bulgogi burger with kimchi and that they make their gyoza fresh on site. I just had a spinach and apple salad but I did steal most of their baby's sweet potato fries because they were so crispy and not at all greasy. He is a baby and I am not and I am more in need of a good quality sweet potato fry than he is so you can wipe that judgey face off right now.

Tuesday brought a big box of goodies from Fresh Canteen which means that Wednesday I made the Chipotle Chicken Fajitas for The Kid and I. I made a few changes, namely cutting the corn off the cob and cooking it in there with the other veg instead of boiling and serving on the side and I left out the green peppers because there is never a reason to eat those things. It was quite good, The Kid ate two wraps and I turned the leftovers into a quesadilla the next day to pack for his lunch. There are no pictures of this dish because it was dark by the time we ate and I used up all of the leftovers the next morning while it was still dark but trust me, it was tasty.

After simmering the carcass all day to make stock, Tuesday's dinner was turkey scotch broth  - turkey soup is the next best thing to turkey dinner. Again, thank you Canada.

turkey scotch broth

I made the second dish,  lamb kofte meatballs, on Thursday for supper and that was also a big hit. I grated the cucumber and let it drain in a paper towel lined strainer while I prepped the rest, added some chopped tomato to the chickpea salad and, again, left out that yucky little green pepper. Other than that, I followed the recipe (I broiled them instead of frying like they recommended).  I love red, yellow and orange peppers but green peppers just don't do it for me at all. Sorry. Anyway, both meals were very good, the meat is of good quality, the portions are generous, the price is right and I can now absolutely recommend this services after making 4 of their dinners. Two thumbs up for Fresh Canteen!

My fave pin of the week: Look at these stunning cookies!

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My fave food find of the week: I finally bought a ricer! Mashed potatoes every night!

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