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The Week in Yum Sept 7-13

my Lindt Angels provided me with the only food of the day at TIFF

On Saturday I worked TIFF which usually equals famine I  but ate lots of yummy food at my neice's 1 year birthday party later that evening. My brother in law is a master in the kitchen and he fed everyone until they couldn't move.

Sunday we had Jamaican take out from the Triple J out by the Scarbourough Bluffs and had curry chicken, jerk pork, rice and peas and coleslaw.YUM
If you way in the east end and want some tasty Jamaican, this is your place.

I worked again TIFF on Monday and finally had a crookie, which seemed to be the talk of the festival. I have to admit I was underwhelmed and only took two bites but I was told that when they would arrive  hot in the morning that they were to die for. I would rather have a pain au chocolate frankly. As I was leaving the hotel to come home at the end of my day, I was given two Lindt chocolates from those lovely angels up at the top and that was about it for me for the day. You know, in the olden days, food was everywhere during TIFF. You could always get endless coffee from the Etalk lounge and all of the various tv station lounges and photo lounges always had lots of yummy snacks but for the last couple of years there is almost nothing to be found. It's not like you can just leave whenever you want to grab a bite either. I understand that movie people from LA don't actually eat food but some us do need to eat a little something at some point during the work day.  I might have had something or other when I got home apart from the cocktail that I know I had but I was already not feeling great. I woke up feeling like death warmed over and spent the rest of the week in bed with the flu so there was not a lot of yum this week. I ate a bowl of soup each day just so that I wouldn't dry up and die and that was about it.

I did do some pinning etc from my ipad in my sickbed so I will share that of course.
I should call this one THIS WEEK IN YUCK

favourite pin of the week: This pork looked so tasty I was tempted to actually eat something

favourite facebook share: how to make love to your wood cutting board

favourite food find: Amanda's Kid's Lunches is full of great lunch ideas for when you go brain dead

favourite tweet: Who doesn't like to get a little help choosing good olive oil?

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