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The Week In Yum Sept 14-20

chocolate caramel treat from Devonne Sitzer @ Le Catrin

After last week's week in Yuck, anything is going to look like an improvement but this week really was much better. For starters, although my asthma means that the previous week's plague is still making me cough my head off, I am no longer sick and that is fantastic. I have managed to NOT gain back the five pounds I lost while being sick and that is fantastic as well. I also got to have dinner at my favourite thai restaurant, The Salad King, with my good friend Liz and that was doubly fantastic. As Liz said afterwards
 " I think it tastes better when you pay for it. We attacked that food like we were savage beasts. "

If you have not eaten at The Salad King before and you like thai food, I suggest you run right out this week and fix that problem. Because it was just the two of us, we didn't have to wimp out either and we had FIVE CHILI (rated Watch Out on the menu) green curry chicken and pad thai. Salad King has a chili rating system that goes from 1 chili which they call nice up to 20 chili which may cause stomache upset. When I am with my family unit, we have to stick to 2 chilis which lies between nice and start mopping your brow because they are delicate creatures. I have no pictures of our food because we both jammed our faces into it before the server could even place it on the table so unless I was going to show you the post meal carnage, there was no point. Trust me, it's the shiz.

thank god for one pot pasta

It was a much better week in the kitchen as well. Sunday I made spicy turkey burgers (recipe coming soon), Monday The Kid and I had miso soup with soba noodles and shrimp instead of take out falafel and Thursday night I made a one pot pasta with my spicy almond pesto and shrimp. Now that he is back in school, life has settled into a more consistent routine and he is actually eating three squares a day again. I can take my mom badge back out of the lock box, polish it up and slap it back on my bosom.

Wednesday I had dinner and cocktails at El Catrin with my OG Gastroposters , Libby Roach and Robyn from Planet Byn and a new cohort, Cindy who does not yet blog but she does participate in Gastropost.

what dinner out looks like with food bloggers

The food was tasty but the portions are miniscule so, in the end, we actually drank more than we ate which isn't always a bad thing but if you are going there hungry, bring extra cash because you will have to order lots of food. I had two mezscal cocktails and the first one was incredible. It was called a Miel Quemada-Burnt Honey and I could drink one every day for the rest of my life and die a happy woman. The second was the blackberry meszcal cocktail and I didn't enjoy that nearly as much so when I go back, and I will (I promised Sven, our waiter, that I would) I will stick to the burnt honey.

from the top: Mexican Chocolate bar, Ancho Chil Brulee, Mexican Fudge and Tres Leches Cake

Capirotada(Mexican bread pudding) and churros with sauces

Because Libby's best friend, Devonne Sitzer, is the pastry chef we were showered with amazing desserts. Truly, it was enough to feed 8 people or more and I felt terrible leaving as much as we did but we were all lapsing into sugar comas by the time we finished. I would be hard pressed to choose a favourite because two of my favourite things were there. Her tres leche cake was sooooo comforting and moist and milky and delicious but her Mexican Chocolate Bar was crazy pants. She smokes the dark chocolate and does all sorts of hazelnutty things to it so that you get a rich, dark chocolate taste in your mouth with a hint of smoke and then after you swallow, a slight burn from the chili starts to warm up the back of your throat. I will go back for drinks and dessert for sure. It's also a beautiful space with great service and the tiny portions are delicious, just tiny.

look at those tiny burgers which are basically cupcakes with a brownie wedged in there

I am thrilled to welcome some Yum back into my life this week.

My favourite pin: oh my god, please make these for me somebody out there

My favourite facebook share: I ate my weight in tortilla when I lived in Spain. Go eat some.

my favourite instagram: It's an older photo but I just found it this week - am loving pissinginthepunchbowl

My favourite food find: This cake slicing kit is pretty cool

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