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The Week in Yum Augt 17-22

Sunday's Leslieville Market baconfest was the highlight of the week. It makes me so happy to go to that little farmer's market and see it absolutely packed with people. In only a few short years this market has gone from a handful of vendors and a smattering of shoppers to a jam packed market with live music, crafts for the kids and tons of food vendors, produce vendors, cheese and meat people and the suppliers of my Sunday breakfast fish taco every week, Hooked.

Bacon Fest was certainly hopping - in fact it was so hopping that we couldn't get anything we wanted because the lineups were insane. Again, I am sad that I didn't get to eat a sandwich from Rashers but I am happy that the actual market was so busy. We did line up for Rashers but we were not told that it would be a 30 minute wait for a sandwich until we had waited for 15 minutes in line and already ordered. Shack was not amused because those sandwiches looked incredible and it might have been nice if we were warned that not only were we going to have to wait in line forever, but there would another half an hour added to that wait got some peameal in us.

We did get a jerk chicken sandwich from Mr Spinners because it was the only vendor without a long line and it was okay. It was a bit short on jerk and too much bread for my liking but I am not much of a sandwich person in the first place. I think I will just stick to my beloved Hooked fish tacos from now on.

Shack got a gelato sandwich that had some bacon in it and it was really tasty but because it was also about 400C outside, the chocolate coating started to melt almost immediately and it was too messy to finish. We were not batting 1000 on Sunday.

I worked a bazillion hour day monday so it was smart food, twizzlers and catered chicken. We will not speak of that day again. Basically, it was another week of not much happening between work, where I always eat really badly, and Shack working, where The Kid and I often just eat really lightly. I did make a really tasty, simple tomato sauce with a whack of my basil from the garden on Thursday but that was about it.  

It was a barren week in yum in real life. Lots of salads for me, grilled cheese sammies for The Kid, the on going eating one big lunch at 4pm and then skipping dinner or falafels from The Sultan at 9:30pm. Don't judge.

Luckily, it was not a barren week in yum online:

My favourite pin of the week: 23 ways to use an ice cube tray

My favourite instagram of the week: Sips and Spoonfuls again

My favourite share on facebook: Look at this thing!

My favourite food find:  Food52 Provisions - so many beautiful things

My favourite tweet:

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