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The Week In Yum Aug 23-30

Soon summer will be fading and so will my desire for burnt marshmallow ice cream on a sugar cone from Ed's Real Scoop  in The Beach.  For now, there is still nothing nicer than this addictively delicious cone after a long drive around town on a balmy summer night with the top down. Ed's = summer.

On the last Sunday of every month until October, Kensington Market closes the streets to cars for Pedestrian Sunday. It's a great time to enjoy the boho wonderland without worry that you are going to be plowed down by a rogue suburban motorist who thinks they will actually find a parking spot on Augusta. This Sunday we finally got to try out a place I have only heard raves about,  Seven Lives. We both got the fish taco and although it was really delicious, I had buyers remorse the minute I spied someone else's octopus ceviche tostada. I was about to go up and ask them if they would hold off biting into it so I could take a few photos of it but Shack knew what I was up to and grabbed me and made me sit down. He is such a fun sucker.

Anyway, the tacos are big, fresh and tasty, the optional salsas are wonderful and the agua fresca is THE best thing in the market. My strawberry lime agua fresca was the best $2 I have spent in ages.

After my lunch, I finally made it into Thomas Lavers Cannery and Deli for a poke around and came out with a little jar of bread and butter pickles with horseradish and some kimchi jam. I distracted Shack with the giant pickles on a stick they were selling out front so I could dash in and shop in peace. It's a super charming, old timey looking little shop with a wall of beautiful preserved things on one side and a deli counter full of fresh pasta, pates and other tempting treats on the other. I can't wait to go back and belly up to the bar to have the barkeep pull me a big mug of fresh root beer. Don't forget to wax your handlebar mustache before entering.

It was a better week in the kitchen for me as I nudge myself towards developing some sort of responsible, adult routine. I managed to harvest some herbs and freeze some of hem in olive oil and made some compound butter from the rest.
greek oregano frozen in olive oil

Shack was working so The Kid and I ate a few versions of noodle soup bowls like this one over the course of the week:

udon with bbq pork, king oyster mushrooms and bok choy

Back in Kensington on Thursday for a haircut at The Crow's Nest, we stopped in to Pancho y Emiliano for a pre buzz snack. I have been wondering how the food is all summer so I was happy to discover that it's very good. My chicken tinga taco was big and tasty and The Kid somehow managed to devour his enormous pork burrito so that I was able to snag almost the entire bowl of guacamole with freshly fried tortilla chips. I am very happy about the taco situation in the Market but it will be interesting to see who wins out after another year - it's a pretty dense concentration of Mexican or Mexican inspired restaurants in that one little area. I have to say that nothing holds as much promise as Seven Lives so far in my opinion so let's check again this time next year and see who is still standing.

Add in there a little visit to the Diplimatico on College St so Shack could indulge in a giant bowl of old school penne Bolognese and you have a fine week in yum.

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