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The Week in Yum Aug 10-16

I knew it couldn't last. This week was not nearly as exiting as last week. It was one of those weeks where we all take too long to get up and moving so we end up eating a really late lunch and then nobody feels like dinner which always means Shack orders pizza at 9:30pm for him and The Kid. This is the only thing I dislike about summer - we are not very good at keeping to a schedule of any kind unless life forces it upon us. The weekend started off well with a Saturday visit to Kensington Market and late lunch (SEE???? This was the beginning of the end)  at Mexican Salsas . It's not the best mexican food in the world but it's authentic and tasty and they almost always have Mexican coke. It has become our regular taco spot in the market and since I had a team buy coupon which made it feel like it was free, it was even tastier than normal. I always get the chorizo tacos, Shack gets the cochinita pibil tacos and The Kid got a cochinita burrito. Shack left for a hair cut at The Crows Nest so The Kid and I went across the street to grab him some churros at Pancho's Bakery and wandered around, buying yellow plums so I can whip up some plum cinnamon jam at some point.  Doh, another day where we ate the tacos too late in the day so nobody felt like eating again once we got home. Mother fail.

chorizo potato tacos at Salsas

Sunday we met friends for a plentiful lunchtime sushi feast at Sushi Mountain  in Oshawa and it was fine but most importantly, it was cheap. We had four hungry young boys to feed who descended on each incoming platter like a pack of starving wolves. It was nothing but clicking chopsticks, rice flying and cheeks puffed out, stuffed with dynamite rolls. If you don't have hungry kids, you won't see the appeal in a decent all you can eat place that charges $12/adult and $10/kid for lunch but if you have eating machines to feed, places like this are life savers. We ended the day at Lolita's with The Neighbours. We had forgotten that it was Taste of the Danforth so actually getting TO the restaurant became quite an adventure but once we arrived and settled in we had a really nice dinner, as always. We have been eating there for two decades, through different owners, watched the food quality go up and down but it's still our comfort spot. The food has been very good for the last couple of years and we are always happy with our meal. I don't think that Shack has ever ordered anything other than the steak with gorgonzola cream sauce. Ever. He doesn't even like blue cheese.

Looks like it will be a good week.


Except for Tuesday, when I finally got around to make my pork with mushroom mustard sauce that I had planned to make the previous Friday, I don't think I cooked an actual dinner one other time. It was all eat nothing all day, late lunch, nobody feels like dinner so I eat some popcorn and they order pizza later at night.

the only homecooked meal of the week, recipe coming soon

On Wednesday, I did meet a friend for lunch at Xola, the new Mexican place in the beach I talked about last week. I much prefer their dinner menu and really would have liked a fish taco or ceviche again but those things are not offered on the brunch menu. I got a trio of gorditas that are served with a side of scrambled egg. It was fine but it wouldn't win out over sushi or thai for lunch so I am not sure that it will become a mid day spot for me - I still love their dinner menu though!

That was it. No food trucks, no bbqing, one delicious home cooked meal. I am almost looking forward to school starting up again just so we can all get back on track around here because not only is it boring, it's not a really healthy way to eat. I promise to try to do better next week.

So, let's get on with it:

my favourite pin of the week:  Caribbean Jerk Salmon Tostadas from Half Baked Harvest

favourite instagram was this stunning photo by sipsandspoonful

my favourite share on facebook took me to the kitchn where I learned how not to kill people with my canned goods

my favourite food fine: Look at these Laser cut rolling pins!

favourite tweet of the week: I am mildly obsessed with these cakes

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