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The Week In Yum - July 5-12

Okay, for a year I did a regular Friday thing called "it's Friday, it must be soup!" and it seemed to go over well and all that but, come on. I am not going to make a new soup every single week and I rarely make soup at all in the summer. What I DO do all the time, all year long, is eat out, search the web for great looking food and food related shiz.
So, I am now going to change Friday from soup day to a recap of the top stuff that happened in food that week.

This first week is a bit light because between the flooding and The Kid not feeling well for a couple of days, we didn't really eat out at all, which is NOT the norm around here.

We spent last Saturday at Lailey Vineyard , sampling their tasty wines and eating sausages grilled over their old barrels. I LOVE their vidal and a little birdie there told me that the 2013 is going to be the best in years so keep that under your hat. We all really liked their 2012 Rose even though I ended up spilling more of it on my dress than down my gullet. If you haven't tried any wines from Lailey, I suggest that you get out and rectify that situation right now.

It's been a crazy week here in Toronto. The DVP flooded, the west end flooded and lost power for days, a GO train was stranded for almost seven hours at Bayview and a rescue was performed by the Toronto Police Marine Unit using dinghies; actual boats being floated onto the highway to rescue people from the Go Train. I have been told by someone who was actually ON that train that it was straight up, Lord of the Flies time.
"Hey, I am having a smoke right here in this train"




crazy pants times. In the midst of all of this flooding madness, what did Shack and I do? Drive to the Dundas St Bridge to take photos of submerged cars being towed out of the flooded area of the DVP, of course. Then, we went to Ka Ka on Broadview, just south of Gerrard, for a couple lbs of BBQ pork in case we ended up stranded and alone in the dark. As long as you have a flashlight, a couple big bags of ice in the cooler, a bottle of wine and some BBQ pork from Ka Ka,  you are going to be fine. I honestly think it's among the very best Chinese BBQ in the city. If you think another place has better BBQ, please let me know because I am always looking. It is lean, sweet, sticky, crunchy in all the right places and highly addictive. In case of emergency, get 2 lbs of Ka Ka BBQ and call me in the morning.

This was a light eating out week. The boys had tacos in Kensington without me on Tuesday but other than that, it has been all about home made ice cream but those posts are still to come and leftovers.

My favourite pin of the week was this Lobster Grilled Cheese from Heather Cristo. Just look at that thing! Don't you just want to wear it like a suit?

I give honourable mention to her Mexican Beer Steam Clams mainly because if I wasn't so full from dreaming about the lobster grilled cheese sandwich, I would totally be rolling around in this.

My favourite Facebook post took me here, to The Gouda Life and her gorgeous shots of that avocado soup.

My favourite foodie find was The Braiser , a site that gives you  profiles, interviews, news and gossip about all of our favourite and not so favourite chefs. It's all chef all the time.

My favourite tweet of the week because I am kind of afraid of pie crust like a 7 year old is kind of afraid of the monster in the closet:

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