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Coconut Mango Frozen Yogurt with Caramelized Corn Flakes

We have a problem here at Casa Shack. Shack has been making a batch of ice cream a day at this point, always either raspberry or strawberry, experimenting only with the ratio of fat% in his cream/milk. It has been very tasty but I had to finally say


I would like to use my damned ice cream maker myself and I would like to eat something other than raspberry or strawberry ice cream. He graciously allowed me to make frozen yogurt as long as I put the freezer bowl right back into the freezer so HE could make more raspberry ice cream before bed tonight.
I have created a monster.

I did not intend to make this a coconut yogurt so I will be upfront right off the hop here. As I was dumping the yogurt into the food processor, I was initially horrified by the lumps in the bottom of the container and thought it was two years past it's best by date and was relieved to notice that my 0%MF PC greek yogurt contained shredded coconut so that was not rampant curdling. I HATE the texture of coconut but I do love the taste so I decided to just go through with it. It's not like coconut, a tropical fruit, doesn't go naturally with mango, another tropical fruit, right?

What a happy accident! After straining out the offending coconut bits, it was delicious and I will totally make this again. It's 0% butter fat if you care about such things but there is some sugar in the coconut mixture but that also means I added very little sweetener to the whole batch so I think it all evens out in the end. Greek yogurt is so thick and creamy that you get a nice, thick, creamy frozen texture without all the fat of ice cream but I think it's best eaten on the day you made it. If you want it to keep for a while, you might want to use half fuller fat greek yogurt because by the next day, it was frozen rock solid and I had to let it sit out to soften and the texture was okay but not as perfect as it was on the day it was made. It is a small price to pay for a fat free, healthy bowl of frozen yogurt and it's a small batch so you can totally make and it serve it for dessert the same day.

Erewhon Strawberry Crisp - REAL dehydrated berries yo
Now, about these caramelized corn flakes. I received a box of Erewhon Corn Flakes and I really wanted to cook with them. These things are organic, gluten free, low fat and have no sugar added so they are as healthy as you are going to find but they could use some jazzing up a bit. The Strawberry Crisp Cereal , on the other hand, was the bomb. It had big, real chunks of dehydrated strawberries that you could smell the instant you opened the package and when you eat it with some milk, the milk infuses with those berries - OH MY. I just wanted to eat that, as is, all day. The Kid ate it by the bowlful, dry, as a snack and Shack and I fought over the rest but these Corn Flakes are a bit on the bland side.  I kept thinking there must be something you could do to them to make them a bit more decadent when I stumbled upon this recipe for caramelized corn flakes from the New York Times which they adapted from Christina Tosi of Momofuku Ko fame. Good golly, this stuff is tasty and although I do not follow any sort of gluten free diet, I believe that milk powder is generally gluten free. Just in case, you can buy milk powder that IS specifically gluten free so this would make a great, crunchy topping for ice cream, desserts and anything else you feel requires a sweet, salty, crunchy topping.

Coconut Mango Frozen Yogurt

3 mangos
500ml (2 cups) PC Greek Coconut Yogurt

2 tbls rice syrup (you can use whatever sweetener you like)

Get all of the flesh off of the mangoes and put it into a food processor and puree it. I like to cut a slice off of each side of the mango and then score the flesh, turning the piece inside out, like this:
How to Cut up a Mango

Add the Coconut Greek Yogurt and whiz it it some more until it is well mixed and taste it. If it needs more sweetness, add your rice syrup (or sugar, or whatever sweetener you like to be honest) a tbls at a time until it tastes about right. It will become slightly LESS sweet after you freeze it so keep that in mind.

Now, because I don't like the texture of the coconut, I strained the mixture into a bowl and discarded the pulp. Refrigerate this mixture for at least an hour to get it really cold.

Make it according to your ice cream maker's instructions.

Caramelized Corn Flakes

from the New York Times

1 cup cornflakes
3 tbls skim milk powder
1 tbls granulated sugar
1/2 tsp kosher salt
3 1/2 tbls melted butter
Heat the oven to 275F

Put the cornflakes in a bowl and  crush them a bit. In another bowl, mix together the milk powder, sugar and salt and add that to the bowl of cornflakes, tossing to coat completely. Pour the melted butter over the cornflakes and mix well. Spread evenly on a baking sheet lined with parchment or a silpat and bake for about 20 to 25 minutes until its a deep, golden brown. Remove it from the oven and let it cool completely before breaking it up and sprinkling it over top of the frozen yogurt. It will keep for up to a week in an airtight container.

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