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A Contest! Win Dinner at Lee

I have been fortunate enough to be invited to watch the Almost Famous Chef competition for three years in a row.

The S.Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef Competition is a cooking competition that brings together students from over 75 culinary institutions across the United States and Canada. During the competition they battle for a chance to compete for all kinds of great prizes and be judged by nationally renowned chefs at the finals competition in Napa this March. 

This whole thing is a kitchen smack down between over 75 culinary students from across North America. Each region sends it's winner to a final contest that takes place in Napa Valley in March. They are judged on their cooking skills but also on how professional they are, how well they perform under pressure (god knows a professional kitchen might present a bit of a stressful working environment from time to time) as well their performance while being questioned by the media and the judges.

me and the 2012 winner,  Daniela Molettieri

This year, the Canadian regional competition will take place on Feb 25 at Cirillo's Culinary Academy here in Toronto.  It's a really fun night and the lucky people who are invited to watch the event also get to sample each chef's signature dish that will be prepared by the Cirillo's, enjoy a glass of wine and do a bit schmoozing. Look at me up there, we are practically bffs.

You can go and download this free San Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef ebook and get a taste of the kind of thing these kids are throwing down.

This year the competitors are:

*Humber College (Toronto):  Timothy van Ryzewyk 
*The Canadian Food and Wine Institute at Niagara College (Niagara-on-the Lake): Janine Hall 
*École hôtelière de la Capitale (Québec City): Jean-Christophe Comtois 
*Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec (Montréal): Alexandre Latendresse 
*Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts (Vancouver): Kevan Hafichuk 
*The International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Vancouver: Matt Cusano 
*Culinary Institute of Vancouver Island (Nanaimo): Kellie Callender 

Okay, onto the contest:

I have a $150 gift certificate for Susar Lee's Toronto restaurant,  Lee  so, clearly it's only open to people either in Toronto or who are planning to come here for a visit because I am NOT coming to pick you up in Brockville and give you a ride. I am only sad that I cannot enter because I would LOVE a dinner at Lee.

If you want to enter, please post here and tell me, after checking out the menu online at Lee, what you will order if you win (obviously add what you will order after the word order when you tweet and facebook etc):

If I win dinner @susurlee from @SMmamashack at The Yum Yum Factor & @AFChefComp I will order

For a second entry, repost it on facebook and then come back here and link to it.
For a third entry, tweet it and come back here and link to it.
Contest closes on Feb 25
Good luck!

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