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Rose Prosecco Sangria

My son's school runs a  summer camp for kids who wouldn't otherwise have the chance to go to camp at all. We both volunteer our time at the camp and I am also on the fundraising committee. This year, it fell upon me to come up with the "signature drink" for our annual fundraising extravaganza which also happens to be tonight. I was going to do a strawberry rhubarb mojito but we realized that this was going to be too much work to make 50 or 60 of them and have them be able to sit out and still be tasty so my thoughts turned to something sangria like. I love the idea of sangria but I also love bubbles so I started looking for a sangria with prosecco and found this great recipe on If You Can Make That You Can Make This .

We were supposed to get together and let the committee taste a couple of different drinks and choose their favourite but we just couldn't get all together in time. At one point the only two of us who could make it considered testing it ourselves but do you really think it's a good idea for two moms to make a pitcher of sangria and drink it all themselves? Call me crazy but I could only see bad things coming from an evening like that so, instead,  I made a batch for my son's birthday dinner and, along with The Neighbours, we tried it out. Everyone gave it a big thumbs up and agreed that it was the perfect choice for a make ahead drink and there was no need to look any further for an alternate cocktail.

I think that once peach season is here, I will make a proper peach simple syrup but this recipe called for the syrup from canned peaches and I can't get them fresh right now anyway. After some frantic but fruitless searching, it would appear that there is no longer such a thing as peaches in heavy syrup anymore. The light syrup isn't as sweet or as flavourful as heavy so instead of just using the light syrup from the can, I pureed the peaches and added that to the syrup, along with some mint and it was really delicious. The amount of peach puree required is going to depend on the kind of rosé you choose  because the first batch I made needed a whole cup of syrup just because the rose was so dry and tart. If you pick a sweeter, fruitier rose, clearly you will use less peach syrup so you should start off using the 1/4 cup and keep tasting. 

Nobody will ever complain that they have to keep taste testing the sangria until it's perfect right?

*If you use the peach puree, your drink isn't going to be as clear as it would with just the syrup but that didn't bother me all that much

 Rosé Prosecco Sangria

1/2 bottle prosecco
1 bottle  rosé
1/4 cup peach puree - syrup from canned peaches mixed with pureed peaches (or more to taste if your  rosé is very dry)
handful of fresh mint
1/2 pint strawberries, sliced
1 green apple, chopped

Drain the syrup from a large can of peaches and puree half of the peaches, keeping the other half of the peaches for another use. Strain the peach puree through a fine sieve into the syrup. Add a handful of fresh, chopped mint and shake it all up and store in the fridge until needed.

Put the berries and the apple in the bottom of a glass pitcher. Pour the rose in and 1/4 cup of the peach (or to taste) syrup with mint and leave in the fridge for about four hours to let the fruit soak up the wine and impart it's flavour. Right before serving, pour 1/2 a bottle of prosecco into the pitcher, stir well and serve.

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