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Compost Cookies Revisited

The Compost Cookie (<---click for the recipe)
Okay, I have made a couple of slightly different versions of this cookie and they just keep getting better and better. Today I made them with blue corn tortillas, pretzels and roasted pumpkin seeds for the savoury and equal amounts of skor bits, milk chocolate chips and butterscotch chips for my sweet baking ingredients. I also used plain dark coffee grounds instead of the vanilla flavoured coffee I used for the first couple of batches. Although the vanilla coffee was fantastic in the cookie, using just a good, dark sumatra changed the game for me. You know, I don't like flavoured coffee to drink so I am not sure why I thought I would love it in a cookie but it's probably along the same lines as "only cook with wine you would also want to drink".

While I am being real here, let's also call it like we see it. Sure, this cookie is heaven for all of us who love salty and sweet altogether but you know what this cookie really is? THE ultimate PMS treat. Come on, each bite is full of salt and sugar? Chocolate and tortilla chips? Butterscotch and coffee? It saves you the time and effort to find a bag of salt and vinegar chips crumbs and a mars bar from halloween and then a bit of pretzel dust followed by a handful of stale chocolate chips that you scavenge at the back of your kitchen cupboard at 11pm. It's all there in one cookie. It's all there in every single bite. When I watch men bite into one of these things, he looks surprised and then pleased and he might even chuckle a bit at the cheekiness of it, but, give this cookie to a woman? She takes a bite. She chews for a second and then her eyes get HUGE, they light up and she looks like she is going to cry from pure, unadulterated joy. This cookie would have changed my life if I had found it 20 years ago but it's still not too late.

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