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Most Popular Post of 2011

I did not give The Yum Yum Factor the attention that I would have liked to in 2011. I was so consumed with my year long no reEATS challenge that it got to the point that making sure that I made two things a week that were new, pretty enough to photograph and scheduling everything so I could photograph dinner while working, momming and taking care of everyone's life took over and there was little time for me to just cook stuff because I felt like cooking it.
Now that life will go back to normal - okay, our life is never normal but back to OUR normal- I can sit back and relax and just start cooking stuff that I want to cook.
I had a look back to see what post was the most popular of the year and my blueberry stripey popsicles won by a landslide. The next post that received the most views was my cauliflower soup with pecorino and truffle oil .

cauliflower soup with pecorino and truffle oil
It's kind of interesting that the two most popular posts are so incredibly different.
My most popular post on no reEATS was the creamy braised pork chops , followed closely by the greek frittata and the chorizo chili .

creamy braised pork chops

None of the most popular dishes were my favourite dishes, oddly enough. The things from my year that were new to me as far as cooking them that I love the most and will definitely be adding to our regular meal rotation are as follows:

Slow Cooker Asian Ribs
Nachos just because The Kid was so thrilled with them
Pad Thai
Greek Shrimp Tacos
Garides me feta
Sticky Rotisserie Chicken
Tandoori Sopes

Of course there were lots of other dishes that I loved but they were dishes that I have made before anyway.

I look forward to eating the same food for dinner over and over and over this year.

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