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A Give Away From San Pellegrino and Almost Famous Chef - Dinner at Lee!

I have been invited to attend the S.Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef competition in Toronto taking place on January 30th at the Calphalon Culinary Centre. The winner of this contest will go on to compete against the  nine winners from all of the other regions in the final contest in Napa, California. Thanks to their generosity, I am also doing my first Give Away. I feel very official and respectable!

I went last year as a guest of Jen from Piccante Dolce, who generously offered to drag me along for one of my first event as a food blogger. I wrote about it in February and was just so thrilled to be there, tasting all of the great food and watching the competition. I got to tour the amazing Calphalon kitchen while the contestants raced to finish their dishes for the judging and tried not to get in anyone's way while I snapped away with trusty iPhone. I was kind of hoping that one of these shiny pans would fall into my purse by mistake, but it was not happening.

I must not have embarrassed myself too badly because this year  I have been invited back and I have also been given the opportunity to ask a few questions one of the Toronto contestants, Cole Nicholson, so keep your eyes out for that post when I get it put up. San Pellegrino has also generously offered up a gift certificate worth $150 for Lee that I can give away!

Now, onto the Give Away from San Pellegrino:

I guess it goes without saying that this contest is probably only of interest to Toronto area people or people who know they are going to be in Toronto at some point in the near future. My only regret is that I can't win my own prize because who wouldn't want to be treated to dinner at one of Susar Lee's restaurants?

The contest will close on Tuesday January 31 and I will announce the winner on Wednesday, Feb 1st when I tell you all about the contest, who won and share a couple of recipes with you from the event.

Okay, just tweet the following and come back here and let me know you tweeted and share your one dish that could make YOU an almost famous chef!

I entered to win the a $150 gift certificate for dinner at Lee  from @AFChefComp & @SMmamashack at The Yum Yum Factor

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