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It's Friday and It's too warm out for soup so we have peanut butter cookies instead

I didn't want to make soup today. It was 12 degrees F outside, the windows are open and Little Shack and I spent the afternoon doing some spring cleaning. Soup is for -10 and snow so I think that it's time to put Friday Soup day on hiatus.

There was something else that I did want to make instead of soup. I wanted to make oatmeal cookies today but couldn't find an oatmeal cookie that didn't require something I didn't have in the house. Suddenly, the image of a peanut butter cookie popped into my head. I NEVER make peanut butter anything anymore because all schools, community centres and camps etc are peanut free zones so if you have kids and you live in Toronto, you just don't bake with peanuts. It almost feels like I am making my son a stiff martini when I am baking up a peanutty confection to be honest and I do like to live on the wild side.

I really liked the sound of this recipe from Dolcetto Confections and I had everything on hand, including some coarse sanding sugar to roll them in.
I mixed up the dough and I could already tell they were going to be perfect. I rolled the little 1 1/2 balls of dough in coarse sugar, I lovingly flattened them out with a fork, old school. I put them in preheated oven and set the timer for 7 minutes. After 7 minutes, I rotated the cookie sheets and thought to myself "self, does this oven seem like it's not that hot?"

After the second 7 minutes I open the oven door to find uncooked cookie in a mildly warm oven!
I am not a baker so stuff like this makes me panic and my first instinct was to just take them out and throw them away and forget that this had ever happened but I also really, really wanted to eat a peanut butter cookie. Gluttony won out over pride and I hit the 350 preheat button and set the timer for another 7 minutes. After the 7 minutes, I switched the trays around and set it for another 7. At some point in there the alarm beeped to let me know the oven was now at 350. After the second 7 minutes they seemed like they weren't quite there so I set it for another 4 minutes and by god, by some miracle, they looked pretty done. I let them sit for a few minutes before removing them to a cooling rack and they were fine!

I do NOT recommend you follow my directions and just follow the original recipe and learn from my mistakes. Make sure the you haven't inadvertently hit the wrong button when you set the timer and cause the oven to turn off instead.

The upside is, you KNOW it's a great recipe when I can butcher it like that and it still produces a lovely peanut butter cookie that you are not embarrassed to give to people.

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