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Green Papaya and Daikon Salad

I think I am over soup for now because all I can think about are salads. I want crunch, I want some sour, I want spring freshness and light dressings with herbs. I had made a really light red curry chicken for dinner and was thinking I would make a green mango salad but I couldn't find any green mango. What I did find was a green papaya and a big chunk of daikon which is actually even better. Fresh thai basil, cilantro and mint and I was ready to roll.

Green Papaya and Daikon Salad
-1/2 green papaya, seeded, peeled and sliced into thin julienne slices
-6" piece of daikon, peeled, cut into thin strips on the mandoline and julienned
-3 or 4 radishes, cut on the mandoline and julienned
-a couple of tables of fresh cilantro, thai basil and mint. The proportions and amounts are really up to you. I love cilantro so I always go a bit heavier on that
-a handful of bean sprouts
1.5 tbls fish sauce
1.5 tbls of palm sugar or regular sugar
1.5 tbls of fresh lime juice
1/2 tsp of hot chili sauce like sambal olec or siracha, or to taste

Mix the papaya, daikon, radish and fresh herbs together in a big bowl. Mix the dressing and add that to the bowl, stir well to combine and then add the bean sprouts. I like to sprinkle some more fresh herbs on top when I serve it.

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