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It's Friday and It Should Be Soup!

But it's also christmas eve and I have a houseful of people coming over in a couple of hours AND we just got back from a nice little trip to New Orleans so that means there is a boat load of cheese and pate and olives and delicious apps and copious amounts of wine but there is no soup today. I have some puff pastry pinwheels with caramelized onions, sundried tomato pesto and gryure resting in the freezer, some pesto chicken and bocaccini waiting to be scooped into warm little toasty cups and polenta that will be baked and topped with a spicy black pepper jelly, blue cheese and a bit of arugula waiting to be assembled. I will share my recipes and pictures in a couple of days after I finish eating and making merry.

 I can't wait to sit down and dish about my New Orleans trip and all of the stuff we did and the food we ate but first, we must do this thing!

Merry Christmas if you celebrate it, happy whatever religious holiday might happen to fall at this time of year and  happy secular holiday if you don't celebrate anything other than the fact that you get some time off work!

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