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The Week In Yum July 27-Aug2

This past week was a pretty busy week in Yum for me, starting on Friday when we went to  Market 707 at Scadding Court. If you have not yet visited this collection of independent food sellers housed in a row of converted shipping containers, it's time you do.

perusing the menu at Gushi


japanese pogo, am I right?

There is a Korean stall this year,  Kim's A la Cart, and I enjoyed a hearty bowl of bibimbap from them. The Kid went to his favourite stall, Gushi where they specialize in things that can be deep fried on a stick, and tried the battered and deep fried hot dogs which were basically Japanese corn dogs with a spicy siracha mayo. He said he didn't love them as much as he loves their deep fried quail egg on a stick because he is a weird kid because only a weird kid prefers quail egg over a hot dog.  Shack had some horrendous looking but delicious tasting mac n cheese from Mac'n and then we all had a bite of The Kid's heaven in a cup that nomnomnom Crepes whipped up. It's all affordable, it's tasty and it's fun.

Later that same evening we attended the Toronto Festival of Beer on the CNE grounds with my social media passes. I have to say, right off the bat, this is not for me. We got there just as it was getting dark which means we got there just as people were getting riotously drunk. Maybe 20 years I would have loved the giant frat party atmosphere and I would have fashioned myself a beer box hat and staggered about caterwauling with my homies in booty shorts and flip flops but, for me, those days are gone. If you are young or younger than I am at heart and love a good, sloppy party, make sure you go check it out.

yeah, we didn't get to eat a lobster roll from Rock Lobster

Because the line ups were massive, as they should be, to taste the offerings of vendors like Fidel Gastros and Rock Lobster, we had to skip them in favour of something that was not very good and there is no point in even sharing the information with you. I have never heard of this vendor and and the food we ate wasn't terrible, it just wasn't great. It WAS great drunk people food so if we were drunk we might have loved it and I would be posting an iphone picture of it right here but we weren't drunk so that is not going to happen.

What I DID like was the fact that people were lined up 20 deep at the Labatt tent so we got to belly right up to the bar for some of the lesser known breweries and try some tasty things that were totally new to both of us. The first beer to catch my attention was served in the social media tent. They were serving two beers from Chicago's Goose Island Beer Co, Matilda, a Belgian style pale ale and Sophie, a Belgian Style Ale. They both come in a large 756ml bottle and only cost $10. The Sophie was my favourite with a really creamy, fruity almost carbonated thing going on.

Out in the wild of the actual festival, the next beer we tried was by Central City Brewing. We both agreed the Red Racer IPA had a nice, slightly bitter aftertaste and the best graphics of the event.

I tried only one beer that was so terrible that I had to throw it out - I forgot to write down the brewery but if you see a coffee, dark chocolate oatmeal stout anywhere, walk away.

I ended the evening with a glass of Krombacher Weizen beer, my absolute favourite beer of all. When I lived in Munich we would drink litres of wiezen beer with raspberry syrup and it was directly responsible, along with vollkornbrot and the discovery of mascarpone with gorgonzola, for a 20 lb weigh gain in about 3 months. Luckily, I can't find this beer at the LCBO, which is probably a very good thing.

Another great thing that happened there was the surprise of discovering that De La Soul was the headliner on the main stage. We both felt very old but happy and stayed for longer than we had planned so we could listen to the sounds old school hip hop performed by men with grey beards who seemed to be just as happy to be playing the TO beer festival. When we found ourselves surrounded by dancing people in SteamWhistle beer box hats, throwing their hands in the air and waving like they just don't care, we took that as our cue to escape.

Saturday saw us joining friends at St Andrew's Fish and Chips in Scarborough for some hard core, old school fish and chips (I was feeling kind of heavy fooded and beered out and so I had a piece of pan fried salmon and I do not recommend that you do that. Either eat the damned fried fish or skip it altogether).  Nothing earth shattering here, just good, solid fish and chips (the fries are perfect) and the boys ended their meal with bowls of ice cream topped with deep fried mars bars and oreos because, why not?

Tuesday was date night with The Kid at District in Riverdale so I could use up another Groupon. Again, like St Andrews, nobody is totally reinventing the wheel here but it's very tasty sushi and japanese food with a few interesting twists here and there, the prices are reasonable, they have a lovely back patio and we had a really nice dinner. I will definitely hit this place up again.

The rest of the week was uneventful as we prepared to go out of town to visit family on a lovely lake where I will, no doubt, drink white wine with my sister and read with my feet up in the sun on her boat. We will not discuss the absolute DISASTER that occurred when I attempted to make falafels and whole wheat naan this week. That will go in the week in yuk.

Okay, here we go:

Favourite pins of the week are: Grilled Chermoula Spatchcock and This Sultan's Pavlova by Tanya Zouev
I made a slightly modified version of the chermoula chicken and the radish/cucumber salad this week and that was my very favourite thing that I cooked, no question.

which leads to me add her blog as my favourite food blog discovery of the week: The Cook Who Knew Nothing 

My favourite facebook post that I shared took me here: A list of beautiful cafes from around the world

My favourite instagram photo this week was: this fabulous photo by julieskitchen

favourite food related online article:
Okay, it's about a crazy diet but I love this series and this one is the craziest yet

favourite food find:
Spotlight Toronto

tweet of the week:

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